a stack of three

Did you know that February is National Embroidery Month? I had just picked these books up from the library last week – before I saw that it was embroidery month. Maybe there was a subliminal message floating around because I know a lot of us are picking up needles and floss these days. Here are the three books in my library stack:

Embroidery Workshops by Rebecca Ringquist. The subtitle for this one is A Bend The Rules Primer and it is written by the designer of the Drop Cloth Samplers (I have one of those samplers in my closet). I think I have borrowed this book at least five times and while I am reading it this month, I will consider if it is one that I need to add to my own library.

Slow Stitch by Claire Wellesley-Smith. I have checked this one out about four times now. When it first came out I did some of the practices and ended up using it as inspiration for a small wall hanging. This is a good one to get you stitching without following a pattern or design. She has a lovely website and I see that she has a new book out too.

The Hand Stitched Surface by Lynn Krawczk. This book has a bit of technique and then some fun projects for fabric and paper. There is even a project to make a needle book for those of you without pin cushions. I am definitely going to make some stitched greeting cards. A great way to use my stash of blank cards and envelopes too.

Linking up with Carole for a Three Things on Thursday post today, especially because all of my books are courtesy of my amazing library – I know that will make her happy.

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13 thoughts on “a stack of three

  1. Once our library opens to in-person browsing again, I’m going to need to remember to check out the craft books, which I’ve never thought to do before. Seems like that would be a perfect way to learn more about some other crafts that I don’t know much about.

  2. you are obviously in good company…i see a whole lot of people enjoying this month of embroidery! Mine has stayed neatly tucked away so far…but I do love Slow Stitching. It might have to make a guest appearance in my lap some afternoon and we’ll see where we go?!?

  3. A whole month of embroidery, how fabulous. I really love the look of your books. I have previously borrowed the Slow Stitch one my self, and enjoyed it. I wonder what you will stitch.

  4. I love small embroidery projects–b/c when I don’t have much time for making, it gives me a LOAD of satisfaction to embroider a little hedgehog on a pillowcase. But I have to say, I was completely distracted by your PANTONE MUG to think about much else! (Enjoy the stack, the mug, and whatever’s IN the mug!)

  5. I didn’t know this was embroidery month. Thanks for sharing the wonderful resources. It’s almost enough to make me break out the embroidery hoop again!

  6. No, I didn’t know that, but I, too, have gotten out my needles and floss….and WIPs. For great help and inspiration, go to Pintangle’s blog. It’s a great one!

  7. I popped in half an hour ago, and was waylaid by following all your intriguing links :). I didn’t know about February being embroidery month … my Mum was a very talented embroiderer and I have a whole bookshelf of her books and a drawerful of linens and threads all well as her embroideries framed on the wall. Delighted to find that Claire Wellesley-Smith lives only a hundred miles or so away, and I’ve bookmarked her Classes page (all currently full, alas) for the future. I’ve also reserved a copy of Slow Stitch at the library – you see, it’s been a very fruitfu thirty minutes all thanks to you and your lovely post. I hope your textile adventures are enjoyable and fin and look forward to hearing more :).

  8. That is a great stack of books. I love Slow-Stitch. I have to confess though that right now I am preferring spinning to embroidery. I’m just going to go with the flow and work in spinning around my love for knitting.

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