Hello snow

This is the kind of snow I could love. Just enough to be pretty, not enough keep us stranded. I hear more is coming so we will see. The road folks were wise enough to get the de-icer on the roads before the snow began and that has made a big difference. And, this is the first time in probably 30 years that I watched the snow begin to fall last night without the niggle in my stomach about needing to drive to work the next day. And what is more lovely that daffodils in the snow? Happy Friday.

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9 thoughts on “Hello snow

  1. Goodness — that’s quite a sight! I’ve seen some spring flowers starting to poke up through the snow, but nothing is blooming yet. I always worry that they’ll get damaged from the cold, but they always seem to manage to survive somehow. It’s a good reminder as I’m outside in the cold and miserable because of it that spring is coming!

  2. I love the daffodils in snow, That isn’t something you see every day. I planted about 50 bulbs this fall — but now we’re selling the house! I’ll have to buy some for our new house.

  3. That yellow is a cheering pop of colour against the bright white … And yes, I am also grateful for not having to feel that gnawing anxiety about the weather and travel and work! Your road folks are a lot more clued up than ours!

  4. All I could think about this morning when you said it was snowing again was those poor daffodils. We have certainly had February and March blooms covered with snow here … and they usually bounce right back once the weather warms. Surely yours will, too!

  5. Our spring blooms don’t bloom until later in spring (late March/April) — but, still, they bloom under the threat of snow (even then). Good thing they’re tough — which is, of course, how spring blooms work. 🙂 I love seeing those tough daffs bloom like crazy even in the snow! How wonderful that you can relax and enjoy the snow falling without worry of getting anywhere in the morning.

  6. Daffodils. Oh my goodness, they wouldn’t dare peek out around here yet. Although they do bloom in late March or early April when snow isn’t unheard of. It’s deep winter here.

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