Winter walking

our neighbors are still sharing a daily funny

I really thought my walking streak would end last weekend. The snow predicted for Thursday didn’t arrive until Friday night and then it just dumped and dumped for two days. But walking is saving my life these days and I have a good pair of fur lined boots so I pulled on a woolly hat and mittens and headed out. The road conditions meant very few cars were on the road. It was quiet except for the crunch, crunch, crunch of my boots in the snow. It really was beautiful.

Fortunately there was another weather shift on Monday so our snowbound experience was short lived. I hope that those of you who have had crazy, cold, and windy conditions will find relief soon.

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10 thoughts on “Winter walking

  1. I actually really enjoy walking through snow. It’s always so peaceful and sparkly, and I also love that there’s usually less traffic and fewer people out and about. Glad you were able to keep that walking streak alive!

  2. I am glad you were able to keep walking in the snow. I should have done it too, but I’ve been skipping my walks, and once you let it go, the slide downhill to make excuses is pretty easy. Thanks for inspiring me to try again.

  3. LOL at that sign. and realizing I don’t have the clothing OR the lets-just-be-cold stamina for a crunch-crunch-crunch walk. I did make friends again this week with The Balanced Life and some of my muscles are “thanking me” LOUDLY.

  4. We didn’t really get out in the snow but have made up for it this week. We are having fun exploring the Kirkland Corridor even if it’s a really flat trail. One day recently we even walked there in the rain! Today though we did our usual hilly walk through a nearby neighborhood.

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