Three Things – a quilt edition

My very first blog was a quilt blog. Sometimes I wrote about travel or gardening or running but it was 90% about fabric and quilting. When I started knitting, my quilting time fell away. But lately, I have found such joy in my time at the machine and the quilts I have been making. So here are three quilt related things.

My Curves Challenge Quilt – ready to be quilted

I am usually rubbish at quilt alongs and challenges but the curves challenge felt like something I needed to try so I signed up. After struggling with my first block choice, I regrouped and started making a simpler block that would give me the chance to practice machine stitching curves. I had no idea how this would go and thought maybe I would return to the first block after I had a bit more experience. But in a short time, I began to fall in love with the way this quilt was coming together. I finished the border appliqué on Monday and I am right on schedule to get it basted and begin quilting.

As I was working on the batting and backing for my curves quilt, I was also watching this series on PBS. When I first learned to quilt, I used to watch quilting shows every Saturday on PBS. This show was so good and I need to make time to watch more of this series.

Quilting had connected and introduced me to so many lovely people. I have had the opportunity to travel to quilt shows around the country, take classes, and meet online quilters in real life. I have followed Meredithe’s blog for awhile. I can tell she is an amazing teacher and encourager. I love her show and tell posts. I recently asked her advice on how to piece that pesky block, the one that was my first idea for the curves challenge. She not only offered ideas, she made a video to show me how to use my templates! I will be getting back to that curved block idea (see item number 1) very soon.

I think you will be reading a lot more about my quilting life this year – Hello to quilting!

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12 thoughts on “Three Things – a quilt edition

  1. wow, Juliann! that quilt looks amazing! I am so looking forward to following along your journey (and hopefully not get too distracted 😉 !

  2. Awesome quilt! I, too, started blogging as a quilter and then discovered that knitting was more portable. At the moment though I am back to using my sewing machine for something other than mending. I’ve also been doing some counted X-stitch.

  3. Lots of nuggets in this post! Your “curves” challenge quilt is grand…congrats and I look forward to seeing the finish. Glad you’re returning to quilting ( quiet as its kept, me too!)

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