looking for simplicity

That last week of February was something – not sure what yet, I am still mulling it over. I do know that I want to say hello to simplicity for March. I played around with a new look for my blog this weekend and planned a series of post about a dear to my heart topic. It isn’t about catching up, it is about doing what brings energy and joy.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

10 thoughts on “looking for simplicity

  1. Hi There! Nice work on your blog!  Were you on WordPress before? Was it hard to make the change?  The only strange thing is now your email came with an ad for a miniature telescope!Have a great Sunday.Judy

    1. Thanks I have been using wordpress for about 6 years. I know there are more and more ads and I am looking into how to get rid of those ads, especially if they are coming to your email – that is very annoying. I used blogger for about 7 years and didn’t have any problem making a change but I know that recently, a lot of people have been unhappy about the new block editing change made by wordpress. But then blogger had that too. I do love writing on my blog. Juliann

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  2. I love your new blog look, Juliann – so clean! I agree about looking for simplicity in March. And I adore gray thread, which I know is a strange thing to say. It’s so versatile!

  3. I did a double-take when I opened your post this morning! I like the new look, but I wasn’t sure for a moment if I was in the right place. Looking forward to hearing more about the things bringing you joy!

  4. Love the new blog! The mobile site is so easy and user friendly. Looking forward to reading more stories 🙂

  5. oooh, love the new look – and look forward to reading more! also, I love that we’re not “catching up” …

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