Wednesday walking

I finished up the last a few pages in my February Walking Log by reflecting on my month of walking (nearly*) every day. I walked 27 days for a total of 53 miles. My longest walk was 3.5 miles, shortest walk was .88 miles (in the deep snow). I had eight routes and my walks were pretty even spread across those routes. I have at least one page for each day. There are a few days when I added pictures or drawings and notes about weather or titles of audio books and podcasts that kept me company. This little logbook will be a great memory.

I enjoyed filing the last 4 pages with reflections. I listed what I loved and what I didn’t love so much. I wrote about the dullness, the “boredom” that settled in the last few weeks, and about what I might be able to change going forward. I know that my walks with the grandsons were some of my favorites because walking with someone is a lovely thing.

I haven’t started another walking notebook, yet. I would love to find some new places to hike and try out some other local trails for walking. And I definitely want to get back to walking the big hill. I am so grateful that Lori asked me to do this February walking log with her. If anyone else wants to set a goal for walking or hiking, just let me know. Until then, I hope to continue walking (nearly) every day.

*I added nearly because I did take one day off. It was pouring and cold and I was just plain tired. It was a good choice.

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9 thoughts on “Wednesday walking

  1. Congratulations on all that walking and keeping a log. I don’t go out half enough, too limited without getting in the car. I write down my nature observations in a journal sometimes- never when I have a companion- too busy chatting usually. Sure I’ll do more once the sun is more reliable. Enjoy your March walks.

  2. I love the idea of a walking journal. Mine would be quite boring — I walk the same route around my neighborhood every day! Though at least at this time of year, I can keep a lookout for things starting to grow.

  3. a great documenting tool!!! a friend and I have been haiku-ing every day, and I’m finding it the same kind of journal that just sort of happened!!

    My dog and I really must shake up our walking route…a big circle, bigger when it’s nice out, not so big when we’re there to do ‘business’ only…but while she seems to be quite happy with the arrangement, I’m ready for some different scenery!!!

  4. What a splendid thing to have kept, and hopefully it was motivating … A day off sounds just about right, from time to time! I love your quote, and your little grandsons fall right into that category. I hope you can find ways to keep your newfound walking energy nourished …

  5. What a fun little notebook! I’m so glad you found joy in walking in February and can’t wait to follow your Wednesday Walks as the year goes on.

  6. I think the notebook is such a good idea … writing it down makes it happen, you know? that said, I do walk EVERY day. some days it’s on the treadmill, but most days it’s outside. Lately, with Holly being not-so-well, I’ve walked a mile on the street outside my neighborhood, doubling up part of the route to make a mile, and holding Holly for most of it … I’m looking forward to warmer (drier) weather to make even the shorter walks a little longer.

  7. It’s so much nicer walking in the sunshine, isn’t it? Today we took a trail off Forest Drive lots of hills though.

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