the world outside my window

I spend a fair amount of time checking the weather app and looking out the window for that point in the day when I can pull on my walking shoes and head outside. The time will change this weekend and the days will be getting longer. That is good news for mid-day gardening and afternoon walking.

There are bits of color popping up in the yard. These crocus bulbs must have been planted more than 15 years ago but there was ivy covering this part of the yard and I forgot they were there. That ivy had become invasive and was threatening the health of a tree so I spent a few weeks digging it out last summer. Seeing these little purple flowers was a surprising reward for that hard work.

We had a few beautiful days last week and I made time to do a bit more pruning and weeding. Those first days in the garden are always a bit overwhelming – so many things to do. But it was a good start and I have a better idea of what comes next. Now, off to do some online, curbside pick-up shopping so I can take advantage of a mild weather week.

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8 thoughts on “the world outside my window

  1. Hard to believe it’s DST already, isn’t it? This is my favorite time of year here with all the spring flowers after the gray, rainy winter. It always amazes me though how much garden work there is at now though. I have pruned the roses and planted a few primroses, but there’s lots more on the agenda, that’s for sure. It’s a good thing all plants aren’t as aggressive as ivy, isn’t it? It makes me sad to see trees that are literally covered with it! I’ll bet your tree is a lot happier now. :>) Have a great week!

  2. Ugh, I hate the switch to DST. I love having the light later in the day, but losing that hour of sleep is rough. At least seeing the flowers starting to bloom makes up for it a bit!

  3. Love the crocus! I saw snowdrops today on my walk! I don’t like the time change…means dark mornings again for me. And I don’t mind the daylight fading before dinner – I love having dinner by candlelight! But, I will switch the clocks Saturday night and miss an hour of sleep! Maybe I can just skip that hour I am normally awake in the middle of the night – LOL

  4. All I’ve seen popping up so far is daffodils. I am actually looking forward to the later sunset and the later sunrises. DST used to really up-end me, and I’m not going to let it do that anymore 🙂

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