Three Things

Anyone else looking back to see what they posted a year ago? I was working on a shawl that eventually got frogged. The yarn is carefully stored away and will make something lovely someday but not that pattern.

Three things on my gratitude list today:

1. Socks – For years I said, “I don’t knit socks”. But now it seems I do. This is my second pair and they should be done by the weekend. I can see where I made some little goofs or where I want to learn a new technique but I am excited to wear these and have plans for the next pair. This is my 100 days project and so far, I have only missed one day of knitting on socks.

2. The garden – I thought working from home would give me more time for my garden last spring but those online meetings were relentless. But this year, I have already begun prepping and planning. Of course that is a luxury of retired life. I get to choose which online meetings I want to attend. As the days get longer, I know that digging in the dirt and growing things will bring great joy.

3. My home – I have always loved our home. We have been here almost 34 years now. There were times when I thought it was too big for just the two of us but being at home this last year has given me a new appreciation for each room. I know which room is best for morning sunshine, reading, and yoga, and which room is the quiet space that works well for Zoom meetings. I have given over my living room to the little people and it is so wonderful to have a place where we can leave their stuff out, ready for fun. And I am looking forward to the day when I can set the dining room table with all the extra leaves so we can have a family dinner.

Off to visit Carole today. Happy Thursday.

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8 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. Hooray for becoming a sock knitter! I think that you will find that as you knit more and more pairs, you’ll discover exactly how to knit them to fit your feet the way you like — how many stitches makes the perfect circumferences, what kind of heel fits best, etc. After all the sock knitting I’ve done over the years, I now have a basic recipe in my head I can follow, so I can pick up a sock at any time and knit without a pattern on hand.

  2. Those are 3 really great things but I’ll admit my favorite is the thought of you putting the leaves in your dining room table and having a big ole family dinner!

  3. oh my … adding leaves to the table! NEEDING extra chairs! deciding who sits where because we don’t all fit around one table … things that used to cause me so much anxiety will now cause JOY! also, I love that your living room has been taken over by toys. grandparent life at its very best!

  4. My goodness how wonderful to have had the same home for so long. My last home was the longest I have ever lived anywhere and that was only for 19 years- I do miss it a lot.

  5. We have been in our home 34 years too. I don’t think I love my home as much as you love yours. Now I wonder why. We built this house and raised our 3 kids here. I am currently thinking our home IS too big for us. I would love to downsize to a smaller place with a smaller yard. Less to care for.

    I am looking forward to that family dinner with all the leaves in the table too!

  6. Those socks are so cute – I love the stripes!

    And your gratitude list is perfect. I can’t wait to follow along with your garden and I LOVE how much you’ve been able to blog since your retirement started 🙂

  7. Another thought-provoking post … Well done on your sock-knitting achievement – starting is always fun but keeping going takes stick-ability. Oh yes, the joy of having more than two in the house! Gardening is such a wonderful activity: the research and planning is so enjoyable, actually working in the garden is great exercise and so exciting to see things growing – and then there are photos and memories to enjoy. Looking forward to hearing more about yours as the seasons progress.

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