In the garden

My garden area is big enough to give our grandson his own space. He likes to dig holes. He dug this one yesterday, with a little help from Grampa. I offered him some stakes and twine because he wanted to put up signs. His first idea was to put the stakes over the hole – like a trap. We encouraged him to use them for a fence which he embraced whole heartedly. He needed a sign to warn people about the hole. And one of the stakes has yellow tape for a back up caution sign. I love this phase of development. Everything needs a sign!

I spent my time in the gardening digging too. I turned the soil in my raised beds and then did a bunch of weeding. I want to plant things but it is a bit too soon. This weekend I plant to start some seeds inside and since it will probably start raining again, that will have to do for now. But the sun was shining and I could garden in just a t-shirt so it was a very good week.

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10 thoughts on “In the garden

  1. Jackie and I walked around the yard yesterday looking for signs of spring. We saw lots of crocuses and daffodil shoots, it was fun to see him recognize all of that. It’s way too early for gardening here yet but hopefully I can plant pansies in the window boxes at the end of the month.

  2. I snorted at the “hole ahead” sign! We have a while yet before we can plant outside, but I’m looking forward to cleaning things up a bit now that the snow has finally melted.

  3. Your gardening gives me hope for my own work (still several weeks from now). I love hearing about your grandson and his hole-digging exploits! So fun! XO

  4. I used to be an avid digger as a child and my gram gave me all sorts of pans and old utensils and I made many many mud pies that she would taste test (pretend of course…). Lovely spring photos!

  5. I had a good chuckle and a sweet Awww…. at this one. Because at first, of course, I thought picture #1 was YOUR project! We’ve got a few feet of snow to get out of the way before we can even SEE the ground. But I’m ready.

  6. I really enjoyed reading about your grandson and his love of hole-digging and sign making. What a poppet … That’s a very fine tilth you’ve achieved in your raised bed – things should develop really strong root systems. I’m contemplating making a cold frame here to bring things along a bit and protect them in our very variable climate.

  7. So cool that your grandson loves digging! And signs! Thoughtful to warn folks. I can’t believe you could garden in a tee shirt. It warmed up here last week…but not that much…and now we are back to chilly days. Next week though? 60’s are forecast! fletch planted some greens in our raised bed box that has a cold frame cover over it. Can’t wait to harvest!!

  8. Oh my working in the dirt in shirt-sleeves sounds wonderful. We had a string of warm days but the past few have been rainy and cold. It’s all good as we needed the moisture. How much fun to share digging in the dirt with your grandson.

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