Time change Tuesday

Sheep in the Posy Patch – my Stay@Home Round Robin quilt top

I had all sorts of plans for blogging this month. Some might still show up. Others are being set aside. The time change coupled with a power outage on Sunday sent me into a bit of a swirl but it is a very good swirl. Today is the first day I feel a bit more settled with the time change so let’s see what is going on in my making spaces.

First up, I am almost done with my Stay@Home Round Robin quilt top. I am adding some little flowers in that white space and then I will add one more border of a fabric from the original bundle. It will end up about 56” square which is a wonderful afternoon nap quilt. I am so grateful to the ladies who put this challenge together. There is a final link up on March 29 and I plan to be there.

I have also found a few new-to-me quilting blogs. Exuberant Color and Me and My Quilts have really sparked my interest. For many years, I made quilts using plaids and reproduction fabrics, lots of low contrast, browns and blues and greens, but not the vibrant colors I am seeing on these blogs. The last few years, I have been reaching for more white fabric and the higher contrast with pops of color. When I sorted my scraps this weekend, I found that my “old” fabrics are mostly used up so there is a lot of room to bring in these new colors.

Lest you think I am setting knitting aside, never fear. The 100 Days of Sock knitting continues. I finished my second pair and have begun a third pair. They are very addictive.

I have some fabric on order for the next quilt. Sadly, the shop is in Texas and they are quite behind in their orders due to that crazy weather. But I have my socks, a sweater, and those fun little flowers to appliqué. And the sun is out so maybe some time in the garden beds.

Happy Tuesday.

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11 thoughts on “Time change Tuesday

  1. I can’t wait to see your finished SAHRR quilt! I’ve stalled on mine and haven’t spent any time sewing or knitting in the last several weeks… I’ll live vicariously through you and those cute socks!

    Good luck continuing to adjust to the time change. It’s not easy!

  2. LOVE your socks! What a great idea – stripes on the legs. Love it. Nice quilt too. Glad you are adjusting to the time change. I feel as though I finally am as well. Usually it doesn’t bother me, but this year it did. Honestly, I just wish they would do away with the time change…why do we still do it?

  3. Such a pretty quilt – I like the soft colours … But following your links took me to some very bright places which have their attractions too! Well done on the socks – I’ve never knitted a pair, as I think they are done on four needles and I could never work out how you’d know how many rows you’ve done!

  4. I love that you are taking the time change to re-examine priorities. that’s such a helpful lens … and it’s making me rethink why I want to just have one time all the time ….

  5. I didn’t notice that bit of colorwork you did at the start of the toe on your socks when you showed them off on Sunday. It’s such a nice touch!

    For some reason, I had it in my head that your SAHRR quilt was quite small. I’m glad to know that it’ll be a useful size when it’s done!

  6. Your quilt is just charming! I really like the colors you’re using — and those flowers will add just the right touch of whimsy! Also . . . great socks!

  7. That quilt is so sweet. I have noticed the fabrics have changed since I collected my stash. I too made quilts from reproduction and small prints in blues, reds, and greens. I also enjoyed the reproductions of the pastel Depression Era fabrics. The socks look great.

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