three good things in the garden

I made little seed pots from newspaper and planted sweet pea seeds. I have been wanting to make these little newspaper pots and sweet peas in my garden has been at the top of my wish list. Very excited about this!

I am finally seeing the peonies begin to peek up through the soil. I was very worried that the pests who ate all the roots in my vegetable garden last summer might have moved on to the peony bed. I am so relieved to know I will have peonies again this summer.

I uncovered another 44 pavers. About 32 years ago, I made a path through my garden with pavers. This group had settled and was buried under a few inches of soil. I had completely forgotten about them. I will add these to the 56 pavers I dug up last fall when I created the digging garden. Now I am planning a new brick space to sit and read. This time around I will do it properly so they don’t sink again.

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10 thoughts on “three good things in the garden

  1. This post feels like a true breath of fresh air. Literally + figuratively! I remember your post late last fall (?) about making some garden plans–and here we are, in your garden, with peonies peeking out. (They’re one of my favorites.) Enjoy the start of growing season!

  2. Love the idea of a bricked area to sit and read or knit or dream or doze or watch a grandchild. Lovely. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of newspaper seed pots. Interesting…I will Google. We have some peonies, but they always look bedraggled and then it rains and, of course, they are ALWAYS covered in ants!!

  3. What a genius idea to use newspaper — it’s recycling and composting in one! I may copy you to start some seeds.

    I think I may have seen something sprouting around our Bleeding Heart bush yesterday, but it was pouring, so I was passing by quickly. I’ll take a closer look this morning. I do know that our hydrangeas are budding!

  4. Those newspaper seed pots are PERFECT! What fun! I’m actually thinking I might be able to get out and poke around a bit in my garden today. It’s too early for any “serious” gardening yet here, but I can cut down a few things and do a little cleaning-up at the very least. I can’t wait to see what you do with those pavers!!!

  5. Shoots pushing up through the ground are so energising, aren’t they. And re-using your pavers sounds such a good idea. I’ve read about using newspaper for sweet-pea seeds but not seen it done (I was going to use cardboard tubes) so thank-you for the photo!

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