Spring and quilting

sewing the binding on Sheep in the Posy Patch

Spring arrived – along with a fair amount of rain. But the weekend also brought National Quilting Day. I decided it was a good day to finish machine quilting my Stay@Home quilt. And my quilt has a name which is super exciting because that is often the hardest part for me. I machine stitched the binding on Sunday and will be working on that this week. Watch for a finished quilt early next week.

I picked up a library book this week that has caught my attention after a long fiction drought. I unraveled a sock that was not bringing me joy and cast on a different pattern. I did a bit of yarn and pattern inventory, thinking about my next project – maybe a vest. I have also been thinking about housework and spring cleaning so it was fun to see that Kym is on the same wavelength. Her posts always inspire.

Happy Monday. What does spring look like in your neighborhood?

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13 thoughts on “Spring and quilting

  1. Ah! The rhythm of rain: an invitation to stitch, read, ponder, create. Your quilt is almost done; congrats! Look forward to your review of new book. Have a great week!

  2. That is darling and that center sheep makes me smile!! I’m dreadfully behind on leaving comments, just know I’ve been reading. It sounds like you are falling into a retirement rhythm.

  3. Currently, spring is looking like snow showers here! All that rain is going to make your garden so happy. (That’s what I keep telling myself about this heavy wet snow, anyway!) I’m really intrigued by the music note pattern in your quilt fabric. Enjoy the rest of the project!

  4. I love that sheep! And I can’t wait until you’re able to share the finished quilt 🙂 Spring cleaning sounds great right about now. I’m ready to get rid of some of this clutter!!

  5. I love the name you’ve selected, and I can’t wait to see the finished quilt! I finished reading the book last night; I’ll be interested to discuss it with you, Mary, and Margene (I think that’s everyone in our Sunday group who has read it or is reading it).

  6. I’m really looking forward to seeing your finished quilt next week. Spring in my neighborhood looks like, as Dale would say, the greening of the earth. I love it!

  7. every single one of your posts that has anything remotely to do with quilts makes me think “I’d like to do that” … and when you feature that sheep, perfectly framed in the star of pink and white. well, I might be powerless to resist…. (does that mean I chose to do it? 😉

  8. What a sweet quilt. Spring has been pretty wet in our neck of the woods. The grass is green though and in between rains, we walked today and saw green buds on a lilac bush.

  9. Such wonderful fabrics in your quilt … surrounded by sheep as we are, your little black one has my heart :). Though I love the musical notation too. Spring here this year? Intermittent sun (warm) and sudden grey (cold) and always a chill wind. One minute you think it looks like Spring, the next minute you think it’s still winter. However, the bulbs are pushing up, which is cheering.

  10. Spring has been kind of chilly here lately! That hasn’t stopped the flowers from blooming though, and they add lots of bright colors to our frequently cloudy skies. Nice work on the quilt binding; I am so good at procrastinating that step.

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