Spring cleaning on my mind

this has nothing to do with this post except maybe that I have organized my kitchen to provide safe access for our tiny person

Kym has been doing a Spring cleaning series on her blog and I am reading with great interest because house cleaning is not one of my gifts. But her posts have nudged me into a bit of spring cleaning around here this week. I found a few podcast to keep me company.

This Lazy Genius podcast gave me a lot to think about. She has a list of ten principles and the first one is – You get to decide what clean means. I am all in on that idea.

Another podcast about cleaning that actually had me laughing out loud!

And Kym linked to this site where you can take a little quiz and learn more about your home keeping style.

Off to visit Carole this morning and then I will be sorting out another closet.

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10 thoughts on “Spring cleaning on my mind

  1. What a total cutie. I read an article about spring cleaning this week. The areas you must spring clean. I read them in disbelief. All ten were places I clean regularly, like skirting boards and kitchen worktops. That’s not Spring cleaning I thought , that’s just cleaning. Have we got dirtier over the years I wonder ? When I was little I loved helping Mum spring clean. We cleaned everything. All the blankets, scrubbed the floors under carpets, washed every ornament, all the curtains all the woodwork. Now that was Spring cleaning!

  2. Thank-you for all the interesting links :). I love your photo – little ones do love opening and closing drawers and cupboards, don’t they … At the moment, I’ve enough going on trying to keep up the with garden! I tend to clean on a rolling schedule so I don’t ever have to do a really big clean – though I will be shifting things in my wardrobe, once I’ve got those darn seeds sown.

  3. That tiny person isn’t looking quite so tiny! and you know I love everything Kendra shares … for me, having a clean kitchen sink and counter and a vacuumed mudroom rug is all it takes for me to feel good about this house – thankfully, I can achieve that in about 15 minutes when I need to! (and for Marc, it means a made bed and clean toilets … a most convenient complement!)

  4. What a precious photo. It looks like that little person is wearing a handknit sweater too. I have a few things that need to be done this Spring or sometime. It’s funny but I associate deep cleaning with summer days too hot to be outdoors. When I was teaching, I did the cupboard cleaning, window washing, closet cleaning in the summer. (That is until Early Intervention went year round.)

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