OLW – March

Goodbye March – or close enough – and time to reflect on how my OLW was showing up this month. I said hello to something that felt a bit risky this month. In the OLW journal, there is a page for interviews. I heard Ali Edwards talk about this earlier in the month and finally decided to try it. I asked a few blog readers how they saw Hello showing up in my life through my blog. Why is it so hard to ask people to give us feedback? Maybe it isn’t for you but for me, it is partly because it feels like an imposition, I really don’t want to bug people. But what lovely responses. I was excited to read that they saw me saying Hello in many of the ways I thought I was saying Hello.

I printed the responses and tucked them into an envelope in my OLW journal. And then I reflected on why this felt risky. This last year has been rough on some friendships but nurturing for others. I have come to realize that I have a lot of proximity friends – people I stay connected to because we bump into one another. But once we stayed home, and then I retired, we just don’t have that same proximity.

Writing blog posts, responding to comments, reading and commenting on the blogs of others, has created a new proximity. And out of this, I have found a new community. Quilter makers, knitters, paper and journaling folks. But you have to step out, leave that comment, go back and read again and leave another comment. For me, saying Hello to these kinds of connections has nurtured that need for community.

I have plans to say Hello to a few new ideas in April – one being my March habit that completely fell by the wayside. And if you are here for the first time or the 100th time, I would love to have you stop by and say Hello.

Thanks to Carolyn who is hosting our monthly check-in this year. Her blog is another great place to connect with a wonderful community of people who love words.

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13 thoughts on “OLW – March

  1. I think I know how you feel… I’d feel nervous about asking others for their thoughts as well! Isn’t it funny how so many of us are so willing (and flattered!) to be able to give help, yet find it really hard to ask for it? I’m glad you were able to collect some lovely responses – putting them in that little folder is an adorable idea!

    I can’t wait to see what new things are in store for April.

  2. Hello! I like your idea of putting the responses into that little folder for your journal book. Looking forward to more hellos from you!

  3. What a sweet way to capture your HELLOs in your OLW journal, Juliann! And good for you for reaching out. You’re so right about friendships in the time of Covid. I’ve also thought a lot about my “proximity friends” during this last year. I’ve connected with a few of them, mostly via text or email, but it’s not quite the same when you’re not bumping into each other, out and about, in the Real World. I, too, am grateful for blog friendships and comments and conversations! XO

  4. I have always been a shy person, so it’s been hard for me to make new friends when doing so has relied on in-person interactions. I am always so grateful for the ability to reach out and make new acquaintances via the internet both because it is less anxiety-producing for me and because it’s enabled me to get to know people I would never meet in real/offline life. I am grateful to have gotten to know you through our blogs and our Zooms because I’m not sure our paths would ever have crossed in the non-digital world!

  5. “Proximity” friends is such an apt way to put it. I’ve had conversations with my kids about “seasonal” friends…that some relationships are in our lives for a season, but then we move into another time + space in our lives, and that relationship just quietly dissolves. And that’s okay. I was just thinking the other day how I’ve simply never had the bandwidth to maintain tons of relationships. Not in the way I feel they deserve. And it’s good to be at peace with that…nurturing the ones you can.

  6. This is such a cool way to connect with your word … and the community here. I love how the internet, combined with intentional actions, has made new friendships possible!

  7. You are so right about our community of blogging. I’m grateful for all of the friendships I’ve made because of it, we all have our own contributions to make and it’s amazing.

  8. Hello! A thousand claps for you and your blog friends – and I am extremely happy to be counted among them! Plus I’m so looking forward to this next month …

  9. I agree with you. This year has been hard on some friendships. I am beginning to wonder if there are seasons of friendship.

  10. Hello friend! My friendships have changed quite a bit this year, but i’m looking forward to more “real time” with friends.

  11. Computers have been really important in the past year+, haven’t they. I am so grateful for being able to connect with family and friends. I can’t wait to see the parts of our family in person as it’s been since July of 2019 wnen we were last together.

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