Currently – the design wall

When I returned to knitting, it was my side gig. My main making life was centered on fabric. I was a quilter. I still am a quilter. And I am finding my way back to that joy. Here is a little Currently tour of my design wall.

In the upper left you will see a few of the blocks for the Confetti quilt. I have not done foundation piecing and was going to try and make this using traditional stitching. Then I had a chat with a friend about challenging our brains and decided to try the paper method foundation piecing used by the quilt maker. I ordered some thinner paper and printed up a few blocks. It was still a bit of a mystery to me so I asked a quilting friend (a seasoned foundation block quilter) for her tips. It took me awhile to get the hang of it but it is a pretty slick method so I am planning to use it for this quilt. It does challenge my brain but I am sure it will get easier as I go. If you are interested, here is an explanation.

Next is my Steam Punk block. I received some lovely tips from another quilter and plan to get back to these blocks this spring.

On the right are blocks I am piecing for a Mystery Sampler. This is project that I am doing with some local quilt friends. You piece a few blocks each month, choosing from orphan blocks on hand or a set of ideas the quilt shop sends out each month. This one is giving me a chance to connect with my local friends and dig into my Civil War and reproduction fabric bin.

Finally, the block at the bottom center is one of four for a project that will likely take me into 2022. There is a lot of handwork on this one and for now, my evenings (when I used to do appliqué and embroidery) are sock knitting time. There will be four of these Dresden plates blocks, four more of another circular shape, and 5 more blocks and borders with lots of appliqué and embroidery. You can see the plan here.

What I am loving about all of these projects is the chance to use my current fabric stash (for the most part) but also to connect with other quilters. Many of our local shops had closed, even before the pandemic. Online shopping has taken a told on the quilt shop world. When things begin to open up, a trip to a quilt shop will definitely be on my list.

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11 thoughts on “Currently – the design wall

  1. Oooh! I love the background fabric for your Confetti Quilt – those “pins” are perfect! the other blocks/pieces on oyur design wall are also delightful…looking forward to seeing them evolve. This post is a huge hint for me to clear/update my design wall, ahem…!
    Stitch on…

  2. I love to see someone’s design wall… lovely projects going on. I like the confetti blocks but wonder how I can just make it improv fashion… your color palette is different from mine. I like the feel of it and can see the finished works in my mind. Calm and earthy

  3. Oh my, Juliann – there’s so much to see and love here … and whoa, so much to cut, piece, and sew! I did follow that link about the paper piecing (I’ve never understood) and it looks like magic! My favorite of all of them is the Sarah Fielke one (bottom center) – wow!

  4. I love all the different projects you have planned. I tried paper piecing once and it was definitely not for me!

  5. I love paper piecing – the blocks come out so perfectly accurately without needing to cut perfectly… which is good because I’m an awful cutter. Your design wall is so much fun – such variety!

    I’m so glad you’re finding your way back to quilting. I’ll live vicariously through you for a while! 🙂

  6. Such wonderful inspiration! I think quilting must scratch the same itch for you that spinning does for me — the combination of color and texture in surprising ways.

  7. Thank you for a great tour. I love the idea of the Confetti Quilt. You are helping me keep up with the quilting world. Right now I follow my heart to knitting and spindle spinning.

  8. So many projects! I really love Dresden plates. I’ve been doing lots of cross stitch for the first time in ages and working on that stash.

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