Currently loving my curls

Before – March 2020

I had been wearing my hair pretty short for a few years. It made the morning routine easier – wash and wear even in the cold of winter. I had enough curl to give it some body. I was due for a hair cut in mid-April 2020 but the salon was closed. I took a chance and went for a haircut the end of October (which I wrote about here).

Currently – April 2021

After years of having my hair cut every 6-7 weeks, it has been strange to see so many months pass between appointments. And now that I am fully vaccinated, I suppose I could get another cut. But for now, I am re-learning how to love and care for my curls.

A special thanks to Kym for the idea to take selfies – it is really kind of fun.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

8 thoughts on “Currently loving my curls

  1. Beautiful curls – if only I had some. You look great with curls. I think those of us with straight hair wish for curls and those with curls might wish for straight hair. My hair stylist retired. She recommended someone in the same salon but the hair cut isn’t working out so well. I need to find someone else. Oy.

  2. I love your curls. My hair is curly, too, but it has a tendency to frizz, so if I want defined curls, I have to put a lot of product in it, which means it’s the easy, soft look I’d like to have. But in the summer, when it’s hot and steamy outside, it is rather freeing to just comb some gel in it and let it do its thing and not deal with the heat of the hair dryer.

  3. Your curls look so soft and pretty! (and isn’t it wonderful to save the time and money when we don’t have to visit a salon as often?) I love your selfies … and that gray sweater in your “currently”.

  4. I like your curls – all lengths. Now with all that extra money, you can buy more fabric, yarn, journals, etc…Enjoy!
    PS…and take more cute selfies!

  5. Great curls. Mine is super straight and after years of perming it I gave up (many years ago now). However the length is really getting away from me. Hubby went for a cut and I decided I’d get some trimmed too. The girl said she took about 6 inches off and it still is slightly below my shoulders. lol

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