Currently – knitting report

The 100 days of sock knitting is going well. I have finished three pair and just started the heel on another pair. I haven’t really challenged myself with my sock knitting. Sticking with a simple recipe has helped me get more comfortable with the needles and yarns.

I swatched this week for a sweater and my gauge was spot on. I have some yarn I would like to use for a vest and will get that swatched soon. Then I will need to decide which projects to begin.

The best news is that I have a finished sweater. This is the first sweater finish this year but the yarn has been hanging about in my stash for a very long time. The pattern is Joji Locatelli’s Simple Summer Sweater. I knit the body slightly longer and the sleeves shorted. I loved knitting this sweater and I think it will be a new favorite and we have plenty of cool weather still to come. And, it looks great with my hand knit socks!

And since that is three things – I guess I will link up with Carole this week!

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8 thoughts on “Currently – knitting report

  1. What a FABULOUS sweater, Juliann! It looks perfect for the cooler days of spring (and summer, too!) — and Just Right with your socks and gorgeous curls, too! XO

  2. The sweater looks beautiful on you — and with the matching socks! I predict you’re going to wear the heck out of that thing. It looks so comfy!

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