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I have changed some things in my reading life. I dug out my Kindle Paperwhite, charged it up, and set it next to my bed. Then I searched my library website for more ebooks. I was disappointed to see that some of the titles I want to read are not available in ebook form – yet. But I did find some good titles. I have begun reading for at least 30 minutes before hitting the pillow and with my first cup of coffee in the morning. And I am able to read while knitting the round and round parts of my current projects which gives me even more reading minutes. Using my Paperwhite also helps me avoid the temptation to check email or Instagram too.

Last week I watched a PBS episode on Flannery O’Connor and I am currently reading Flannery O’Connor: Fiction Fired by Faith. I put a hold on A Good Man is Hard to Find and other stories from the library (which has just reopened for limited visits). The new Ken Burns series on Hemingway started this week and I am looking forward to reading the book that accompanies that series. I haven’t given up on print books but for now, this is helping to to give my reading life a boost.

And I see that the weather is promising to warm up so the next reading boost will be setting up the hammock for some lovely afternoon reading outside. Happy Weekend!

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7 thoughts on “Currently reading

  1. As much as I love the feel of a print book in my hands, I find myself going for ebooks more and more because I love that I can spin or knit while reading them (not to mention that when I still want to read before bed but my husband wants to sleep, I can turn off the light and still read on my iPad). I have thought about getting an actual Kindle rather than using the app on my iPad, but I thought it was a bit silly to get yet another electronic device.

  2. Like you, I really like using the library for my Kindle books. The only thing that makes me crazy though is when more than one of my holds becomes available at once, but at least now they have a feature that allows you to postpone delivery! It’s also great to have a Kindle for traveling. It’s a whole lot lighter than taking a “real” book along, and you can check up on your email if you can connect to a wireless.

  3. we’d be good friends I think… I’ve learned more about ebooks and now like my kindle app on the ipad. The problem is not all books are available as ebooks… sad… and I like the library as a source and they don’t have all the ebooks available in their system either. I am also making good use of the audio books from library playing them while I’m in studio. LeeAnna

  4. As much as I prefer books, I do find my Kindle very useful, especially when my husband wants to turn off the lights before I do.
    “A Good Man is Hard to Find” is one of the greatest short stories of all time. I never get tired of revisiting it.

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