What a lovely weekend. Here are just a few highlights.

I love my library! I read about this book and couldn’t wait to share it with our budding reader. The illustrations are wonderful, pages full of so many things to look at and talk about, rhyming text, and reminders of the importance of books and imagination.

I took a little walk about in the garden and was excited to see that the poppies are coming back after being nibbled by the bunnies. We have a week full of gardening weather so you know where I will be.

One more sock finished and the mate will soon follow. I am so happy that I set this beautiful yarn aside while I learned more about sock knitting.

Happy Monday.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

8 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. I love that sock! Enjoy your gardening – I can’t wait to see more flowers. And thanks for the book recommendation… I’m going to look for at the library!

  2. Happy Monday to you! Love that book cover; will have to get for my 3 years old great grand nephew. And the sock – Wonderful! Knit on and enjoy the garden this week!

  3. So many good things, Juliann! I am having such a fun time knitting socks … and definitely need to up my self-patterning game 🙂

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