Do you know Oliver Jeffers? He writes the most wonderful books for children and the grown ups who read with them. I first met this author when my daughter brought one of his early books for me when she was studying in the U.K. I was smitten and have acquired almost all of his books. One of our favorite gramma time books is Here We Are. Wonderful art, pages full of good words and so much to look at and talk about.

But right now, I feel a bit like Floyd in the book stuck. Floyd’s kite get stuck in a tree and over the course of the day, Floyd throws larger and larger things at the tree trying to get that kite unstuck.

I think it is time to say hello to curiosity, pondering and reflection. I have been reading The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman. There are some wonderful practices at the end of each chapter and that feels like a good place to begin getting unstuck. Anyone else feeling a bit stuck these days? I would love to hear how you get unstuck too.

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10 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. yes…. I think we’re weary of what’s happened the last few years in America, and weary of trying to protect ourselves from an invisible terror. Waiting to exhale. I feel it.

  2. I borrowed the book last Nov…tho’t it sounded familiar and for sure, feelings of being “stuck” and tired – of it – abound! Now to read the book, since I do have it!


  3. I am not familiar with his books as an author, but the illustrations are very familiar because The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Back, both of which he illustrated, were such favorites of my daughter’s that she still has them on her bookshelves even though she no longer reads picture books. This one looks excellent — one to keep in mind when I’m shopping for my nephew!

  4. I love Oliver Jeffers … and I saw that Jon Klassen has a new book, too?!

    In any event, I’m not feeling stuck as much as feeling completely untethered … I’m having to work hard to keep myself grounded.(and I can only hope I don’t end up stuck in a tree!)

  5. Thank you for the Oliver Jeffers recommendation – I see that my library has several of his books – yay!

    And yes – I often feel stuck. Usually it’s because I feel like I can never get to all of the things I want to do and often resent that fact. But I find that when I practice embracing my life as it is, I can move past those feelings and find contentment where I am. Those feelings always return and I just keep practicing contentment. Joy in the little things: good books from the library, hot coffee, the beauty of a knitted stitch, the straight rows of thread while piecing a quilt. All of those things make my heart happy and I keep reminding myself that a little bit goes a long way, despite wanting to do and finish everything right away.

    This might be way off the mark for you right now — I’m sorry if it is!!

  6. Oh, my. I am stuck TODAY, actually. And one of the things I did was go back to bed. I had a migraine coming on. I stayed horizontal another 2.5 hours. Then I just settled in to the NOT doing. I did finish a novel I was half-hearted about. Ate some toast. Read a letter from a friend. And simply admitted, often, what a ‘disconnect’ the day was. Now, with my head clear, I’m going to end my day with yoga, because I know it will get me to the place of letting me off my own hook. It will soothe me and reset me. And then I’ll start over tomorrow.

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