Design wall Monday

I spent time with both of my quilting projects last week. It is funny to see them side by side here because the Confetti blocks look so small. The blocks for that one are coming out at 7.5” and the blocks on the right for the mystery quilt at 9.5”. The mystery blocks need a bit of hand sewing but for now I am “caught up” with the directions/suggestions. I will probably focus on the confetti blocks this week even though I am very tempted to make a whole bunch of half square triangles after chatting with Mary about quilt making.

I did a little more sewing this weekend. These little bags are now filled with scraps of soap and have been tied around my garden beds in an effort to keep the bunnies away from the new growth on my plants. I searched for non-chemical ideas for keeping bunnies out of the garden and found this idea. I hope it works because it would be a simple solution.

The weekend was so lovely, lots of sunshine and warm weather, perfect for time in the garden. This is unusual for mid-April and it looks like we will return to cooler weather in a few days. Happy Monday!

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10 thoughts on “Design wall Monday

  1. I can’t wait to see the half square triangles – I really want to get back to quilting this week!!

    Your two quilts on your design wall are so much fun – thank you for the peek! And your soap bags are darling – I hope they help with the bunnies 🙂

  2. Good luck with your bunnies! (I haven’t found anything that works – including dogs-in-the-garden – to deter bunnies, deer, turkeys, possums, squirrels, etc. They win . . . every time.) (I am resigned now.) (Sigh.) LOVE your quilts! They are so charming and different. XO

  3. Now that is a bunny deterrent I’ve never heard of — and it’s brilliant! If we are able to plant a garden this year (all depending on the roofers’ schedule, because all their gear is in the backyard), that’s something I will definitely try!

  4. I am especially smitten with that Confetti quilt. I love the vibrant colors on a white background. We use Irish Spring when we close up our cottage for the off-season. It works for mice–let’s hope it works for bunnies, too! (My solution for the bunnies was to plan a whole bunch of spinach and just let them go to town on it. I knew they’d eat from our garden, anyway…and the spinach was what they at the most of. Kind of a funny tactic, I realize 🙂 I suppose it’s an If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em approach!

  5. well I sure like both your quilts and the soap idea is brilliant. I’ll have to try it, we have an abundance of bunnies here, and as the trees mature (the ones that make it) squirrels are moving in. There goes the neighborhood! lol

  6. oh Happy Monday! I’m intrigued by your bunny repellent – please do report back because we will be needing something like that soon (Marc says his tomato plants already have flowers and he just put them in the ground a week ago). ALSO – LOVING the energy around HSTs (and of course being in the know for what that even means makes me smile)

  7. Good luck with the bunny repellent… hope it works. Your quilts are coming along so well! My plan it to begin my CQ at the latest, tomorrow. Fingers xxxd. Stitch on.

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