Tiny moments

Last week, Katie commented that her practice of embracing life as it is helps her to get unstuck. So today, here are some tiny moments that I am embracing.
We have had some amazing weather. When this happens, I have to work hard at not jumping in too quickly. I want to do all the outdoor things but I know this is a weather blip. The clouds and rain and cooler weather will be returning any day now. I did capture some lovely, tiny moments.
I got to spend some time with our tiny person, playing on the deck and listening to the birds. He is trying so hard to communicate and you can just hear the questions in the ups and downs of his voice.
The big brother loves to draw with grampa. On Sunday, they rolled out the paper and went back to the beginning of the pictures to recall the story. It was fun to watch and hear.
In the garden, I am taking my time. I did add a few little plants to the flower bed but I am holding off on more planting until we get past the next cool down. There is plenty of digging to do while we wait.
And when the day winds down, there is dinner to be made. I love salad season. I am also working at using my cookbooks for new recipes at least twice a week.
Tiny moments do fill up a life.

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8 thoughts on “Tiny moments

  1. That picture of the paper rolled out and all of the drawing?? That is PERFECT. I love it!! And your sweet garden reminds me of The Shire — I can see why you would want to jump out there as soon as the weather brightens.

    Thanks to you, I also have the Minimalist Baker’s cookbook. The vegan paleo one looks really interesting! I really struggle with getting excited about cooking dinner each day, so I’m going to take a page out of your book and try to embrace it. I like that you set a fun challenge about using your own cookbooks. Thank you!

    1. Thanks ever so much for sharing the tiny-s < a word? I love the photos of the tiny persons and the garden… do enjoy these moments; they are indeed priceless.


  2. Beautiful tiny moments! I love the picture of the Tiny Person communicating with the birds. And the artist one is just such fun! I’ve been trying to try a new recipe every week for several years. Many have become favorites!!

  3. Oh that Tiny Person outside … and the not-so-tiny one with the pictures – those are moments to treasure! I love that you and Katie both posted about this – thank you for the reminder to pause and savor these moments.

  4. Beautiful moments, especially those with the grandchildren. I really enjoy the Minimalist Baker’s recipes. I have considered buying the cookbook but haven’t – yet.

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