A walking report

It has been awhile since I reported on my walking routine. Monday I went to a paved trail, the one where I used to run. And since it is a smooth path, I decided to wear these fun shoes. I bought them about a year ago when I was planning to do more running. Sadly, that did not happen. But they are very good shoes for the paved trail and still have lots of miles left.
I was excited to see a bit of color when I looked down. These sweet little flowers are probably “weeds” but they add something lovely to the green areas. I have been looking for the blue heron for months but he/she seems to have moved away. Lots of ducks and geese and some evidence of beavers.
I am still getting out to walk daily. I am slightly amused/annoyed that my Fitbit doesn’t register our stroller walks. Is that because my hands are on the push bar? I have also been making time for the mat (mostly pilates but a bit of yoga too). That time is important after all the digging and garden work I have been doing.

The weather is in for another shift so I won’t put away my wet walking gear just yet. It has been a wonderful week of sunshine.

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9 thoughts on “A walking report

  1. I’ve been thinking lately that I really should start running again, but I’ve been enjoying my walks so far that I’ve done nothing but think about it.

    Even if those flowers are weeds, they’re very cheerful! I always think that the only difference between a weed and a flower is whether or not you want it to grow where it’s growing.

  2. I love your shoes!!! They are simply great! I haven’t spotted a blue heron where I usually see them yet this year. Hoping to see one soon. I would love to have some beavers nearby (but we don’t).

  3. Those cool shoes look right at home with the flowers – weeds or not! Very colorful! Me thinks that somehow you could include those colors in your Confetti Quilt – hmm…

  4. I think those sweet little blooms are some kind of wild aster? They, combined with your fun shoes, are such a cheery way to start this gray day here in San Diego! (But, hey, the air smells of jasmine. I’m NOT complaining!)

  5. Those shoes and those flowers = 🙂

    Sara and I played tennis this morning at 7am and she said she really loves the morning workout – we’re gonna walk to the lake dark early tomorrow and I can only hope it becomes a habit.

  6. love the shoes! my husband’s apple watch does not count our 1 1/2 walk, I guess it’s too slow, grr. I don’t care because a walk is a walk. I don’t track my stuff but probably should especially when I feel frumpy dumpy.

  7. Love your shoes, love the flowers. I have tried to pick these little blooms to take into my kitchen but they almost immediately close up and die. So I’ve learned to love them where they are, and leave them be. My small dog, Jojo, and I walk several times each day. You remind me to look for things other than dog poop!

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