OLW – April

This month I said Hello to my Kindle Paperwhite and to more reading. I had been reading ebooks on my Ipad but switching to a device that didn’t allow me to check email or texts has been a very good thing. I read four ebooks this month and have begun a fifth. (I also finished 4 audiobooks and one hardcover this month.) I even went back to Goodreads to help me track my reading and I am really looking forward to Mary’s Summer Bingo cards.

Last week I got to say Hello to the inside of our library. Some of the branches reopened for in-person visits. They are being very careful, limiting the number of visitors and the amount of time you can be inside. They are on an open one hour, closed for cleaning one hour schedule. I am grateful and impressed with the thoughtful approach they are taking.

The OLW prompt this month (from Ali’s class) was Letting Go. I decided to let go of the idea that only a 45-60 minutes workout counts and said Hello to shorter, more frequent time on my mat. I am enjoying Pilates with Robin Long and a new online yoga membership.

I did print Carolyn’s checkpoint journaling exercise. I have made a date in my planner to sit down with this format on Friday as a way to look forward to May and reflect on April. I am so grateful for all of the thoughtful One Word posts each month. So much inspiration.

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10 thoughts on “OLW – April

  1. I LOVE my Paperwhite exactly for the reasons mentioned here! I have no temptation to do anything else when it’s in my hands and that’s what keeps my nose stuck in a book 🙂 Nice work with all of the reading you’ve been able to squeeze in! And yay for the inside of the library! We can go in by appointment only and I got to take 2/3 of my children yesterday… it was so much fun being inside of the library with them again.

    Brava on your pilates and yoga. A little goes a long way, so all time on the mat counts!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Juliann!

  2. I got an email from Amazon about a discount on Paperwhites and was tempted for the very reason you mention, but ultimately I decided I just didn’t want another device to deal with right now. I’m not ruling it out forever, though! Clearly it’s working well for you and I hope the reading is good (Writers & Lovers was excellent!).

  3. I haven’t picked up my Kindle in months! I’m enjoying reading “real” books and not being on a screen. But…I do love a Kindle for traveling. Our library is open too. I’m still requesting books and get an email when they have come in for me. Requests are on a special shelf near the entrance, so I just go in, grab my book or books, check out and am on my way again. Very little time spent indoors, but everyone is keeping distance, etc.

  4. It’s always a Good Thing to find the “reading tools” that work best for you. I’m so glad you’re finding some fun things to say HELLO to! XO

  5. It makes sense that reading on the Kindle is helping you to focus more on reading. And hooray for having a library that’s open! We’ve been open 2 days/week since August and just recently added Saturday hours, too.

  6. So glad your library has opened up for browsing! That was a huge step here, in terms of my spirit starting to feel normal’ish again. Emphasis on the ‘ish! And wow–what a commitment on their part. Open an hour, close an hour for cleaning! You are in good hands there!

  7. Our library opens May 4!!! Yay for all the reading … and thank you for the Bingo shoutout – coming Friday!!! (and I’ve been saving up to have a full chunk of time to read through all the OLW posts in one sitting. like I used to save up the magazines for a lazy Saturday afternoon)

  8. How nice that your library is now open. I so appreciate all the effort that staff put in to open doors. Little by little we creep back some normal routines. I’ve really enjoyed my kindle during the pandemic. I’d rather have a real book but the convenience is so nice.

  9. Hurrah for libraries and librarians and Kindles! Great to read how you are enjoying yours. Our library is now open again, and it’s a joy to be there, even if masks still have to be worn. Pilates and Yoga sound like great counter-balances to the immobility of reading.

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