Goodbye April

It was a lovely month full of wonderful, tiny moments:

our tiny person is really on the move and has become an excellent stair climber,

I have plants in my garden beds and, fingers crossed, they are doing well,

we have been watching some tiny caterpillars grow and spin their chrysalis and should have butterflies in early May,

there are four pair of hand knit socks in my drawer making this the best 100 Day Project ever.

Other very good things not pictured above;

I have downloaded two bingo cards to begin planning my summer reading. Be sure to get your card here,

I got to take a walk, unmasked, with my cousin,

I have dipped my toe into the world of manicures, not to match my current reads but you have to start somewhere.

Enjoy this first weekend in a new month. I hope you are finding your own wonderful, tiny moments.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

6 thoughts on “Goodbye April

  1. Goodbye April and Hello May. That is one cute baby butt!! LOL The butterflies should provide some excitement for both young and old! – Enjoy!! Your garden looks lovely and socks! YAY you!

  2. That little bum going up the stairs is so cute! It’s always good to celebrate the tiny moments.

  3. April was a bit of a crazy month, but it certainly was a good one — lots of things to be happy about! I am especially excited that we’ve managed to turn you into a sock knitter. I can’t wait to see how many pairs of socks are in that drawer by the end of this year!

  4. the curls on the back of that head is all the hearts. and did you change up your blog header?!

  5. 4 pair of socks! You go girl! Thx for sharing the Tiny Person’s foray into independence! So cute and no stopping him now! Welcoming May with you!

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