catching a bit of sunshine and finishing up a sock

Thinking about books – so many books – and all the ideas I have for my Summer Book Bingo card.

Grateful for my first in-person coffee date and especially for the lovely outdoor seating areas next to the coffee shop complete with a gas fire pit which was necessary on that cool morning.

Interested in the history of knitting and the meaning behind different stitches and patterns (after reading a novel with a Gansey and fishing in Ireland theme). I started reading This Golden Fleece this week and welcome any book titles on this topic.

Fun, fun, fun – that has been my sock knitting experience. I cast on my first ever sock on January 31 and have four completed pair and one sock from the next pair. I don’t plan on trying to finish that second sock before the #100DaysofKnittingSocks project is completed next week but I have started the cuff. I am also closing in on a too-long-on-the-needles sweater. It is taking a lot of restraint to keep from starting anything new but I can see the finish line.

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend.

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10 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. I’m so glad you had a coffee date and the setting with the fire pit sounds lovely. GO YOU on the sock knitting!

  2. Eating outside at a cafe sounds delightful and I might have to venture out for one of those outings. We have been hitting the public parks and eating at picnic benches.

  3. Your coffee date sounds perfect, Juliann! (I’ve got one on the calendar for later this month myself.) Your sock knitting is enviable! Good for you for sticking with the socks for 100 days! WooHoo! Have a great weekend. XO

  4. I echo all the previous comments …the idea of a “sit out” by a fire pit, with coffee (or a hot caramel latte with decaf for me) and a friend makes me yearn. Congrats on your knitting socks experience! I love the yarn for this last pair (?) – at least for awhile…!

  5. An in-person coffee date sounds wonderful…can’t wait for my first!
    And wonderful on the sock knitting…some day I’d like to give that a go…need more practice first 😉

  6. I love everything about this … and even more that we got to chat about it in more detail today! xo!

  7. That picture is a moment of joy! The pop of the blooms behind a scrumptious cup of coffee and the most beautiful thing ever – the knit stitch!! (I’m sure I’ve told you that I think the knit stitch is the most beautiful thing ever, ha!)

    I’m thrilled that you’ve found so much joy in sock knitting. You’re inspiring me… I have no inspiration to knit, but every time I see a close up shot of a knit stitch, my heart skips a beat. Maybe I’m getting closer…

    Enjoy your weekend, Juliann!

  8. Who hoo for sock knitting. Your yarn looks pretty – very Spring -y. I don’t know what’s in that coffee mug but it looks delicious. And how nice to have a coffee date.

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