Three lovely things

Socks! What a great way to end the #100daysofknittingsocks project. I actually finished the second sock of my fifth pair on Monday afternoon – just as the 100 days was coming to an end. I need to get better pictures of all 5 pair of socks but I am feeling pretty good about this accomplishment. I knit on socks for 98 out of the 100 days and will likely cast on a new pair before the weekend.

Butterflies! I ordered a butterfly kit awhile back. I loved this project when I was teaching preschool and wanted to share it with our little people. Tuesday afternoon was release day and the boys were here to watch and help. I do hope we might see more butterflies this summer. Lots of white little moths or butterflies – not sure. I have been working on adding more plants that attract butterflies and pollinators. When we were releasing the butterflies I also saw some very fuzzy bees on the rhododendron bushes.

Getting outside! Sunshine has made a lovely return this week. Nothing like a dump truck in the grass to keep those littles entertained.

May is shaping up to be full of wonderful moments.

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12 thoughts on “Three lovely things

  1. Nice work on the socks!! What pattern did you use? I just recently finished a X-stitch that had a deadline, so now I have time to work on something else. Maybe I’ll even write a post. Enjoy those kiddoes they grow up way too fast. Our oldest grandson is practicing driving! (We’ve not seen him and the rest of the family since July of 2019.) Hope this summer we’ll have a visit!

  2. Those socks look delicious! 5 pairs in 100 days is brilliant – I still love that this was the project you chose!

    Releasing butterflies is so much fun. We did it for the first time last year: we collected all of the monarch caterpillars we could find and kept them in Ball Jars. Were were able to watch and their whole transformations in our dining room and each new stage was always super exciting. I hope we can do it again this year!

    That baby looks so huggable – he’s making me broody! And look at all of your plants in the background… yummy.

  3. I am excited about how you have really embraced sock knitting! Socks are among my favorite things to knit and wear, and I think everyone should try them.

    The butterfly process must’ve been so much fun for you and the boys. My daughter did it in preschool; somewhere in my office I still have a drawing she did of the butterfly life cycle, complete with age-appropriate spelling (like “ag” for egg).

  4. Congratulations on your socks! They are lovely. And now it sounds as though you have caught the sock knitting fever/addiction~~

  5. five pairs is a fabulous accomplishment! and trucks in the grass is so much more fun than trucks in the sand đŸ˜‰

  6. Lovely things indeed…and thank you for sharing them with us. Your socks are great! Congrats and I love the photo of the little one.

  7. I’ve never heard of a butterfly kit – I assumed initially this was a craft item and had to google. Now all is clear – what a beautiful photo … Your socks are simply splendid!

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