hammock season!

We have had some beautiful weather and I have been enjoying reading (and napping) in the hammock. It is a great place to slow down and watch the clouds, and think about the upcoming week.

I was inspired by Katie’s meal planning post. Here are a few new recipes I added to our menu this weekend.
This one is definitely going into the rotation. It took a few tries to get the chick pea pancakes right but they were really good.
I am not sure why I was thinking about Lemon Rice but I have printed this recipe to use again. We had it warm but it will also make a lovely cold salad too.
And this one will also become a staple. I used it on falafels for dinner and a cabbage salad for lunch.
Next step, get back to writing out the weekly meal planner. But, that is for another post.

Happy Monday!

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12 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Hi There! Aren’t we having some wonderful weather? We’ve been working a lot in our yard this past week, but took some time off this afternoon to walk on the Preston/ Fall City trail which is pretty flat and woodsy. On the way home we stopped at the Triple A Rootbeer spot in Issaquah for the first time in years. We are glad they survived COVID! Enjoy that hammock; it looks like fun!

  2. look at those toesies in the sun!
    I think that’s the same essie polish dh got me in a set for my birthday! I have on a white with slight peach cast. Checking out those recipes

  3. It’s been years since I last read while lounging in a hammock, so I have some serious envy! Those recipes look delish (though I would have to trick my family into eating most of them, as they’re not as adventurous I am in trying new foods).

  4. oh my goodness. that hammock looks amazing. as does your pedicure. Sara and I are trying out “grain bowls” (the nights that Marc doesn’t cook for us) and I hope to have some good recipes to share … soon!

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