Wednesday Walks

After the lovely sunshine last week, we have returned to cooler and a bit wet. That should be expected for May. You can’t be the Evergreen State unless there is enough moisture to keep those greens alive. The colors on the trail have been wonderful this last week. I am trying to pay attention to these bits of color as I walk, walk, walk.

Eighteen days into the Land’s End to John O’Groats walking challenge and I have covered 6% of the distance. I think I mentioned that this was going to take some time! The days are getting longer. Sunrise is 5:25 am and sunset is 8:45 pm. I am planning to add an after dinner walk to my routine. And as the days get warmer, it will be nice to walk in the cooler evenings.

I have enjoyed seeing a lot of posts about the view on your walks. Thanks for the inspiration.

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9 thoughts on “Wednesday Walks

  1. What pretty flowers! What are the orange ones? I need/want to get back to my walking routine, but right now work is busy, busy, busy. In a few weeks things will calm down.

  2. Summer evening walks are the best (especially when the destination of the walk is an ice cream shop!). I’m looking forward to those, particularly because my daytime walks don’t give me quite enough time to stop and admire the flowers.

    What’s the total distance you’re trying to cover in this walking challenge?

  3. It is finally warming up here ………… REALLY warming up. It is supposed to be in the high 80s today.

    The flower photos are lovely. We have that last flower in our garden. It’s such a cheery little flower.

  4. What trail were you on? I love this time of year when there are flowers every where, especially when the skies are gray. It’s really chilly this morning after last weeks warmth.

  5. ah, those are such lovely blooms! and I’m already jealous of your FIFTEEN hours of daylight when we just made it to 14 … ENJOY all of it!!

  6. Oh such pretty flowers. The color in the landscape is so welcome. We have had days of rain that make me think I’m in the Northwest or at least in Minnesota.

  7. Such a beautiful walk, Juliann! It’s going to be fun to follow along on your walking journey. You’ve got a great start already! XO

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