Ten times

Yesterday, a very wise young man shared some advice he had received. “You can’t just give up. You have to try something at least ten times because the firs time or the second time, you might not be able to do it. But if you keep trying – you can!” (We were practicing skipping which is not easy to do when you are headed downhill.)

Taking this wisdom to heart, I started a new shawl. I recently said I wasn’t going to knit anymore shawls but I have this yarn and I have tried at least 7 times to make it work. I am pretty sure there is just the right amount for this new pattern. I got about 10 rows in before I found the first goof. Unknit, cast on, start again. Of course another mistake was discovered, one I just could not figure out how to fix so . . . unknit, cast on, start again. By last night, I have reached the 5% mark on the pattern and I do love the way the two yarns are playing.

Happy Friday. Maybe the wisdom of Ten Times will be useful in your life too.

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13 thoughts on “Ten times

  1. Here’s to skipping and knitting! I love E’s sage advice and I am confident that you’re going to get to 100% with that shawl. Knit on and Happy Weekending …and skipping!


  2. Great advice! What pattern are you using on this stubborn shawl? Enjoy skipping with your little guy.

  3. Excellent Advice! One smart little boy who will accomplish the skipping with no issues I predict. And, you will get the knitting to cooperate. Happy weekend!

  4. I think I’ve gone beyond 10 times with brioche decreasing – I just can’t get the hang of that! But it’s excellent advice, for sure.

  5. Such a wise little man! I love his advice, and will try to take it to heart later today . . . when I try something completely new. XO

  6. What wise advice! I admit to getting tired after about three tries … clearly, I need a different mindset!

  7. What a great point of view from your youthful wisdom-teller. My Dad’s was always “If at first you don’t succeed, try again. If you try again and don’t succeed, don’t be a fool – give up!”. Clearly persistence pays better dividends :).

  8. This wisdom will stay with me for a while, Juliann! Children continue to be our greatest teachers, in a myriad of ways.

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