Summer Book Bingo is just one sleep away! I don’t recall being this excited by my bingo card in a few years.
I wrote all the categories on index cards and starting making a list. I used my bookshelf, my Kindle library, and my public library hold/for later shelves to put at least one title on most cards. There are a few blank spaces but I know my fellow readers will have suggestions for me. And that pink square in the middle will be my free square.
There has been a lot of discussion lately about how to plan, whether or not to plan, and the pros and cons of playing along. I love all of the book talk generated by Summer Book Bingo. Many thanks to Mary for putting this together and sharing it with us. And thanks in advance to all of you who will read and share titles and provide cheerleading.
Today will be a time to catch up on house work and errands.
Tomorrow you can find me with my nose in a book.

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9 thoughts on “#allthebooks

  1. I’ve planned out all but 3 of my squares although I’m open to changing things up. Just about every book is one that was already on my to-read list and that really pleases me. Happy Summer Reading!

  2. I’ve been doing something similar with my bingo card (I printed out two copies, one as a “working” copy to jot down my ideas, the other to officially record what I’ve read). I see we have some titles in common! I think you’ll have no problem filling the “recommended by a friend” square — you can take care of that easily with any of our Zoom sessions or just by visiting Goodreads!

  3. this is such a fun way to plan your card/reading … and I LOVE This Must Be the Place for a family saga. I think mine will be The House of the Spirits.

  4. Lillian Boxfish was a walking companion a couple summers ago …took me longer to read/listen to the book than it did for herto walk in NYC one day…I thoroughly enjoyed the story: t’was fun to visit NYC without having to make the trip!
    Clever way to plot your card. Read on and thx for sharing…

  5. That looks very organized, and your enthusiasm is palpable – hoping your really enjoy the challenge. I’m having a Slow Reading Summer here, but might be tempted next year.

  6. What a great way to organize your options, Juliann. (I use index cards for so many things . . . )
    Happy summer reading!

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