What not to wear?

Do you remember that show? I was always a bit uncomfortable watching the hosts tear apart the guest’s wardrobe but I knew it was probably set up in a lot of ways that added to the drama.

We have had one of those weeks. The kind where the weather goes from 48 degrees, rain and cold, to 80+ and stifling. I would prefer a bit more time for easing into the temperature changes. One day I was wearing sweaters and wool socks and the next day I was looking for tank tops and fans.
And, because we have been at home for such a long time, I realized that I don’t have a lot of options for this kind of weather swing. Thankfully, I have some fabric and a new book and some ideas about a warm weather uniform. Now, if I could just remember where I put that box of short sleeve tops when I simplified my closet.

I hear the rain and cooler weather will be returning soon. Maybe what I need is a roller coaster wardrobe!
Happy Friday.

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9 thoughts on “What not to wear?

  1. We’ve been experiencing the same weather swings. We’ve had so few days with normal, average spring weather. It seems to be either cold or really hot. We had our heat on again last weekend, and this weekend the highs are supposed to be in the upper 80s! I guess “layers” is the answer to what to wear!

  2. I’v been needing a roller coaster wardrobe here, too! It’s a bit nuts. . . Looks like we’re entering a “heat phase” for a few days now . . . after another “cold phase.” My closet is a shambles. . .
    (Your fabric is beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you stitch up.)

  3. Same here with the weather – last weekend I had the heat on, this weekend we’re put in the AC. Have fun with your sewing!

  4. It has been that way here too. I’m pretty sure today is a short sleeves and flip flops kind of day. But, I could be wrong. LOL

  5. We enjoyed a walk yesterday at Coulon Beach; being on the water made it seem cooler. I have enjoyed the sunshine but prefer temps in the 70s. The other day someone in the Midwest told me that 69 degrees was cold! I guess it depends on your point of view….

  6. Oh gosh, sounds as if lots of us have rollercoaster weather! I love that expression and am going to adopt it from now on :). At the moment, ours is unusually fine and dry with lots of sunshine and drifts of white clouds (they’re usually grey and pretty solid horizon to horizon) with temperatures reaching 65F-70F, so I have bravely brought forward my Spring/Summer wardrobe and retired the autumn/winter one – though I have a fleece and a fine wool cardigan on hand for those chilly days. I love your grey and white fabric; what are you going to do with it? And I’d love to hear more about how you simplified your closet …

  7. ooohhh that fabric looks so enticing! I have all of my clothes in one closet … only the sweaters switch places for summer and winter. It’s helpful. I’ve already washed the “too warm for summer” sweaters … now I just need to put them away!

  8. My preference in the summer is good old fashioned cotton…hard to come by these days…so, I’m wearing out the few cotton shirts and tops I have…have no idea “what I’ll wear” when they are all truly threadbare!

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