Use your beautiful colors

starting with my favorite colors – yellow and orange

Yesterday I had a fun chat with about fabric and quilting and jumping in with a new quilt project. This morning I woke up thinking today is the day to tackle my own fabric stash.

I am pretty good about getting rid of fabrics I don’t love. And I don’t really keep a lot of small scraps, generally nothing smaller than 4”. I can make scrappy quilts because I buy a lot of fat quarters or smaller cuts. There comes a time when some of those pieces are too fussy to cut so out they go.

I also have “too precious syndrome” – can’t use that piece because it is the last of it and what if I can’t find it again. Truth be told, I won’t ever look for it again. I might look a bit but I will probably find something else that I love even more.
This month, I am diving into my fabric bins and cutting. I am planning to go color by color, cutting squares from most of the fabrics in each bin. These will mostly become my quilt making favorite – half square triangles. I am also draw to the economy square I have been seeing on blogs and Instagram. Both are very useable blocks and perfect for scrap quilts.

My goal is to get through these bins by the end of the month. You can see the yellow/orange bin (middle left) is almost empty. I am also collecting pictures for inspiration because July will a great month for a new quilt. *Disclaimer – I have a few bins of reproduction fabric that won’t be part of this process and a few larger bins with bigger cuts to use for borders and backing. I would love to get my entire stash on hand down to 12 bins. I know it is an arbitrary goal but for me, too much is more overwhelming than not enough.

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11 thoughts on “Use your beautiful colors

  1. I will gladly take all your small scraps… I use them like paint in landscape quilts. I see the values, literally, in small pieces oddly cut, I suppose because I don’t often make regular block quilts… but isn’t there beauty in all of it??!!!!
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. Have fun! (You have more fabric bins than I do, but I bet I can match you box for box with yarn! :>) ) I love your bulletin board photo, especially that great picture of your folks! It will be fun to see your creation.

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you make with all those beautiful colors.

    I don’t quilt, but I have a sister that does. Sometimes a little quilted table runner or mat will happen to come my way and I absolutely LOVE them.

  4. I completely get it on the too precious fabric. I had this stack of coordinating fabric that a close friend brought me from France. And I would always look at it and say, “there is my Fabric from France.” I couldn’t bring myself to use it because then I wouldn’t have Fabric From France. So weird the way the mind works, sometimes.

  5. well this looks really fun! also enjoyed looking at #economysquare ‘s on IG (until I saw “paper piecing” 😉

  6. I don’t have much of a fabric stash (yet!), but I can totally apply your thoughts to yarn and leftovers. I think I’ve gotten better about not saving the precious stash for someday (because we all know that “someday” will never come if I don’t decide now is the time), but I could definitely be better about dealing with leftovers. I think it’s time to knit some more scrappy charity hats.

    Looking forward to seeing the new quilts take shape!

  7. I have a massive yarn collection both mine and I inherited my mother’s collection. I really need to go through and get rid of what I don’t want but it’s not too easy!!

  8. I suffer from “too precious syndrome,” too. Trying to work on that . . . but it’s a tough one to tackle. I love your sorting strategy! Enjoy the process. XO

  9. I think the way you feel about ‘precious’ fabric is the way I feel about some scrapbooking paper from companies no longer in existence! Hoping you achieve your aim of clearing the bins. I’ve been wondering about giving away all my coloured paper and card and just working with white.

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