Three things making me smile

I felt a bit weepy as I watched my husband heading to a band rehearsal after 465 days. There are still details to work out before the music can be shared but it is a start. It was good to see him so happy to be heading out.

My peonies are blooming. First the white, soon the pink. They smell so good and those ruffled leaves are just beautiful. I have had these plants for many years and they seem very happy in my garden. Best of all, the voles that have plagued my vegetable beds do not seem interested in these plants.

Image from Farmer’s Daughter Fibers

Saturday is Knit in Public Day. I am not sure what that might look like for me but maybe a bench at the park if the rain holds off? Also, I am a fan of Farmer’s Daughters Fibers. I got a beautiful skein of yarn from this shop and have signed up for their sock club.

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9 thoughts on “Three things making me smile

  1. The view of those tall trees and rhododendrons out your window are intoxicating to me, Juliann! Funny–my white peonies also bloom before my pinks. I thought it was their placement in the garden–but I’m wondering. Maybe not?!

  2. These are 3 wonderful things! Dale is really excited about the prospect of entertaining people with music once again!

  3. What a beautiful view from your window! And lovely that getting together in person for music-making is now possible. (Not here yet, alas). Those peonies are also a visual delight – hurrah that the voles can crunch on other things!

  4. So happy for your DH.

    Have fun on Saturday. I’ll probably take my knitting to a local coffee shop, but then I do that a LOT of days anyway. LOL

  5. What a pretty view from your window! And how nice that your husband can get back to making music with others in person!! The sock club looks nice and very affordable…but my sock yarn stash is so great, I think I should not join!

  6. Hooray for music making being possible. I know about that weepy feeling. When we recently flew to visit our daughter and family, I got teary leaving the house, when the plane took off and landed, and hugging for the first time in 21 months. Oh my goodness. Beautiful peonies. My neighbor has several varieties in her yard so I am able to enjoy them from mine.

  7. oh my. has it really been 465 days??!! what a delight to see Bill headed out the driveway! I love your peonies. and hope you got to KIP – it totally slipped my mind. I barely even knitted!

  8. So excited for dear hubby to be able to share his music, his passion once again!!

    We’ve been trapping moles that have been making a mess! Not sure what to do with the rabbits. They are rapidly multiplying!! LOL

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