Walking adventures

I am trying to find some new places to walk a few days a week – just to shake it up and to get off the roads. Thinking back to last June, I did almost all of my walking in the neighborhood. Everyone was staying at home so the roads were quiet. But we don’t have sidewalks so now, a neighborhood walk means spending a lot of time watching for cars.

Instead, I have begun driving down the hill to a local bike and walking trail. When I walk on this paved trail, I pop my ear buds in and walk without really paying attention. There are days when I see the blue heron or the eagle and I always stop to say hello. The other day I saw five salmon in the water. I might see a beaver and there are always ducks and geese, but this trail is for exercise.

There is another trail that I am visiting more often. It is on my way to the library and one of my grocery stores so it is convenient. This time of year there are all sorts of things beginning to bloom. Best of all, this is the place to see frogs, baby salmon, and dragonflies. These creatures take a bit more attention. They are smaller and prone to hide so you really have to slow down. Fortunately there are some rocks and downed trees that make a great perch.

I am beginning to gather ideas for more of these slow walks and hoping to find a day each week to drive a bit further from home and make some new trail discoveries.

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13 thoughts on “Walking adventures

  1. What fun! It’s awesome to have so many walking options nearby. Like you, I don’t have sidewalks outside of my house which makes walking challenging for me, especially with littles. And yet – I should really figure something out!!

  2. I love that you stop to say hello to the wildlife you see on your walks. I now feel less embarrassed about saying hello to the chipmunks, squirrels, and bunnies I see on mine!

  3. I keep telling myself I should go somewhere to walk. I did explore some trails but I really should try again to see what there is in store for me.

  4. I recognize your first walk, but where is the second one? We are fortunate to have a couple of woodsy walks nearby, and lately have been exploring the Lake to Lake trail here in Bellevue. That’s where we learned that we now have a Nature Center in the Mercer Slough! (It’s closed now though due to COVID, but even has a Ranger on duty!)

  5. I think it’s so important to recognize the difference between *kinds* of walks. For the very reasons you describe here! For me, if I have my binoculars, it’s a slow walk; earbuds, fast 🙂 Enjoy the discovery of special spots this summer! (And I’m with you–the change in traffic as the word reopens sort of changes the playing field…)

  6. How cool to be exploring new places! The park where I walked with Lauren was a short drive away; I’ve only been back a couple of times by myself and maybe I should make a point of going more often…

  7. I miss my walk – about 14 blocks one way – to the Franciscan Monastery and keep hoping for a day I can go. It’s on my “someday maybe” list (in my mind). What a treat to see baby salmon. Look forward to more of your walks. Enjoy!

  8. What nice walking adventures. You are fortunate to have a nice trail system relatively close. Walking is a mind body connection for sure.

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