Three fun things

#1 – desk time with my grandson. Most recently he has been teaching me how to make checklists and who doesn’t love a good check list. I sure do like this side by side time.

#2 – a catch up zoom call with a wonderful online friend – talking about scrapbooking and journaling and books and quilts. I am so happy to have these connections.

#3 – shawl knitting! I haven’t knit a shawl in a long time but could not resist the temptation of Helen Stewart’s new shawl society. I am at the 80% mark on shawl number one and just started the second pattern today. Forgot how much fun it is to knit shawls.

The weekend is coming – hope it is full of fun things.

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11 thoughts on “Three fun things

  1. Well, that shawl society thing looks fun. The curling mist shawl looks especially perfect. Sigh.

    I love the picture of the two of you at your desk! Enjoy making your checklists 🙂

  2. That photo of you two is just the best! I love the idea of learning how to make a good checklist – I’m not a checklist person but I really should be! And connecting with friends ranks right up there, too! Off to check out the shawl society – the name intrigues.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Thank goodness you have him around to teach you to do checklists! 😉 Shawls are always one of my favorite things to knit in the summer. For a while it seemed like I could tell summer had arrived when I felt the urge to knit a lace shawl.

  4. Those are three VERY fun things and that photo is the best! I’d love to know what you learned about checklists 🙂

  5. Isn’t it great to learn stuff from one’s grandkids? Ours know way more about computers than we do. Love the photo of yours. You’ll enjoy those shawls once fall comes!

  6. How sweet to have your grandson helping you with a checklist. I too love the photo. The shawls are beautiful. Shawls are my favorite thing to knit and that gray and pink is perfection. I have been looking at that pattern.

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