hello summer

Summer weather has arrived early here. The sunshine is lovely, the temps not so much. We will pull out the small air cooling unit tonight to see if we can create a cooler sleep environment because it is going up to the 90’s this week.

Just in time (ha ha) because I have a new finished shawl. I do love how those yellows play. I started another shawl this weekend, using some more of that fingering stash. This one has short rows which is pretty fun.

I need to get out for an early walk and then a grocery run – mostly because I think we will be needing popsicles. Happy summer!

I love that WordPress changed the colors on the app button this month.

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5 thoughts on “hello summer

  1. And today’s paper says it might go up to 100 here; I wonder if that would be a first. You are so productive! I’ve been working on the same pair of socks for weeks, it seems. Have you ever tried German short rows? What is the pattern for that second shawl? It’s calling to me! Stay cool!

  2. Both shawls are gorgeous. The yellow one is stunning and I love the pink and black together. We’ve had very hot and humid weather, but today is grey and wet and I actually needed a sweatshirt to run out and pick up a prescription!

  3. oh wow, those shawls are beautiful! I love the cables and the textures, and that pink!

    We don’t sleep so well in the summer air conditioning, but I do love the noise of the two fans … one above, and one oscillating at the foot of our bed.

  4. That yellow shawl is gorgeous – is it the curling mist? It’s in my queue and I know exactly what yarns I can use from my stash… but I’m not ready to cast on yet. The pink and grey in your second shawl are yummy. I love all of the colors in this post!

    Your posts have helped with the return of my knitting mojo… I knitted last night! I’m trying to finish the last project I started (a second spark cardigan) and then I’m thinking of the curling mist shawl – thank you!!

  5. That yellow shawl is so cheerful! It’s so strange how the weather is playing out this year. We are on day two of starting the day in the 40s, which is far from typical for June! It seems that this year we’re either super hot and humid or cold. I would just like some average June weather!

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