Hello – a check-in with my word

If you haven’t seen a Pacific Northwest weather report lately, let me just tell you that it is hot, hot, hot. June gloom is the norm – highs of 69, lots of grey clouds, and rain. But this year, June is going out with a burst of heat. Having grown up in Arizona, I am no stranger to 100+ degree days. But we had air conditioning. Not so much around here. So the last few days I have been saying hello to very early walks on the trail, lots and lots of water, mid-day naps, and salads for every meal. The only appliance we are using (other than the fans) is the coffee maker.

Looking back at my calendar and photos from June helps me see where I have seen my word showing up. There was a hearty Hello to shawl knitting which I have really enjoyed. I said Hello to the idea of a sock yarn club – a chance to stretch my color choices and to keep my sock knitting interest going. Reading has been good but even better has been putting down books that are just not for me. Too many good books to be reading things that I don’t like. June brought a CSA into our lives – Hello to letting someone else grow the greens. I said Hello to a daily list class that has been some days fun and some days challenging. It has been a good month and I am grateful that Carolyn helps me remember to say Hello to a bit of reflection.

a little p.s.
I made a bunch of salads, very simple and ready to go without adding heat. This one is my own creation so I thought I would share it.
1 cup strawberries
1 cup raspberries
1/2 a watermelon, cubed
5 small sweet pepper – diced
1/4 red onion – diced
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 tablespoon lime juice

Stay cool or dry or warm!

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9 thoughts on “Hello – a check-in with my word

  1. Yum, that looks delicious and very refreshing! I certainly hope this heat breaks for you soon — I’m sure you’re very much hoping to say “Good-bye!” to it!

  2. It sounds like you’ve been saying HELLO to lots of great things, Juliann! (Although I’m sorry you’re having to say hello to the extreme heat right now. That’s no fun at all. . .) What a lovely fruit salad — and thanks for sharing the recipe. I just love fruit salads!

  3. Oh, man. The heat! I’m sitting here on our sunporch at the lake literally *stuck* to my seat, it’s so hot + humid already! You inspire me to get outside earlier (as I still adjust to a mere 2-hr time change).
    I love your line: ‘Hello to letting someone else grow the greens.” That was such a big one for me when we made the decision to give up on growing veggies and shift to flowers + shrubs. A few years in now and I couldn’t be more grateful–but it WAS a hard one to say Hello to, at first!
    I love all the ways your word shows up for you. (And us, sometimes, too!)

  4. oh Juliann, I LOVE your word so much … and seeing all the places it shows up for you is just plain fun. That salad looks delicious, too. Very clever to mix the sweet, savory, and sour!

  5. I was thinking of you yesterday when they had to postpone the track & field finals… I was wondering if you were ALSO experiencing the heat — and I guess you are! I’m glad you’re able to make some adjustments while still going for your walks, but… stay safe! And I hope this heat wave passes soon.

    A sock yarn club sounds like fun! I can’t wait to see what flies off your needles 🙂

  6. I’ve been thinking of you in this heat! It sounds like you are coping well, though. That salad looks so good and refreshing!

  7. Hello! Love the ways that word shows up in your life and especially on your menu. I am definitely going to try that salad – it looks so yummy! Stay cool as best you can. Hoping the weather changes soon!

  8. Oh man, that heat sounds awful. We have hot summers but live in the land of air conditioning. The salad looks refreshing,

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