Hello July

My desk is upstairs in a room with a wonderful window, lots of lights, and sunshine. That means I avoided that space during the recent heat wave. As the weather has cooled (or returned to a bit more normal) I have been able to return to my desk, just in time to get my July notebook set up. I had so much fun, adding some dates and stickers to my planner (a weekly, horizontal format) and my July insert. I want to say Hello to writing and reflecting so I created space for book notes, a bit of habit tracking, journaling, and a daily gratitude list. It was so lovely to sort through my supplies, to pull things I know I want to use and to drop many others into a give away box.

I am excited to say hello to July, hello to working on some new habits, hello to wonderful books, beautiful yarns, and a few new recipes. Six more months in 2021 – such a good thing.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

6 thoughts on “Hello July

  1. I got to start a new calendar insert this week and it felt wonderful to have a fresh set of pages … I haven’t filled in much yet, but that will come. (honestly, I’m still working to finish up June’s documentation … maybe today?)

  2. This sounds like such a nice way to start the month. And I love that paper with the stack of books!

  3. I am so thankful your temps have returned to something more normal. LIke Carole, I like the look of that stack of paper, journaling supplies, and stickers. Enjoy.

    1. That will be so fun. I am planning to create a design wall for my quilting. I have a few ideas, just need to figure out the dimensions before I purchase materials. I love your new kitchen floor. Did you install it? We really need to replace our kitchen floor – sigh. Juliann

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