Reading Insights

(a slight disclaimer – there were a few days when I didn’t read on my Kindle but I did read so the days in a row is a bit skewed)

I am loving reading on my Kindle. I know it is not for everyone but it is making a big difference for me. I read a little with my first cup of coffee and then again in the late afternoons or right before I got to sleep. I could never get very far with a paper book in bed but this seems to work. The other reason is that I always have a book at hand. With a paper book, it might be in another part of the house or I might have a few minutes while I wait for this or that. Like I said, it is working for me.

I read two books recently that I loved. The first is Piranesi. It took me a little bit to get into this story – it felt confusing at first. But then I found myself making so many connections. And I am still thinking about it, a few weeks after finishing. That is a sign of a book that worked for me.

The other is a translation and the U.S. version is titled The Heart. I know the subject might sound tough but this is another story that examines the impact of a tragic event on a wide circle of people. It stretched my perspective taking muscles.

I am 11 books in and still don’t have a bingo. I am starting to make a list in the margins of my bingo card for the books that won’t fit on this card. I just love all the potential categories and the thrill of the chase. Happy Reading.

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7 thoughts on “Reading Insights

  1. The best thing about having a Kindle for me is the ability to check out library books. I like it for other reasons, but this one is at the top of the list.

  2. After years of reading exclusively on my Kindle, I have been enjoying reading “real” books and not a screen for the past year. That will continue except for vacation in the Fall when my Kindle will be a very welcome companion.

  3. I’m another Kindle fan. I love my paperwhite – no distractions, so light, and easy to pick up or slip in my bag. It was perfect while breastfeeding my babies: easy to hold with one hand, no need to fiddle with a bookmark, and no rustling of the pages to disturb their sleep. The Reading Insights function is new to me – thanks for introducing it here!

    So glad you loved Piranesi. It’s such a little puzzle 🙂 Good luck with your Bingo – and you’re reading so much regardless!

  4. Sometimes it amazes me how just a few years ago I was so resistant to ebooks and felt like I was only really reading if I was holding a physical book in my hands. Now I’ve gotten so used to reading an ebook while doing something else that it’s hard to devote time to reading a print book! And I love the portability.

    I agree with you so much about Piranesi! It’s such a different, inventive book and it’s so hard to describe, but it’s definitely one that you just have to trust and go along for the ride with. The Heart sounds like a hard but rewarding read.

  5. Another Kindle fan over here. I love that I can have multiple books on it at once so that when I finish something I immediately have something else to start. Piranesi was great, I’m glad you enjoyed it. And I was just showing Dale my Bingo card last night and said, 10 books . . . no Bingo. hahahaha

  6. I don’t have a Kindle, but I do have the Kindle app on my iPad. I love loading books on my iPad and reading them with the app! It’s so convenient to always have a book ready to read — and it’s super easy to highlight and take notes, too. I also like to read (what I call) book-books (old timey books with actual pages), AND I like audiobooks, too. Basically, I read All the Ways! I loved Piranesi, too. LIke you, I found the first part just . . . confusing and kind of weird. But it didn’t take long to get into the story, and soon it all made sense! Happy reading to you!

  7. Sounds like Piranesi makes for great discussion. And I love that kind of a book–even if I don’t love the book! Hope that makes sense…
    I am 10 3/4 books in and realized I haven’t even AIMED for a Bingo!?! My goal is a coverall, so I just sort of go with what sounds fun. But I might not want to assume that coverall and choose more strategically!

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