Fiber Friday

We have had some lovely, cool mornings and I am taking advantage of that to do some sewing, knitting, and ironing.

First up was getting a start on this new string quilt. I have made at least four quilts using this method and it is a fun way to mix and match. I have 16 blocks completed and want to make 20 more. They stitch up quickly.
I have a shawl just past 55% complete and have started a new pair of socks. I have really stumbled on these socks. First with the cuff, then with stripes that were not working for me. I ended up starting over with a new pattern. We will see how that goes.
Finally, I altered the sleeves on one of my favorite tops (from long to short to make it more wearable), did some mending on the hem of a versatile summer dress, and ironed a few summer tops.

I know that this is quilt show weekend in Sisters Oregon. I have been a few times and would love to go again one day. Instead, I plan to prep a few more blocks and browse my quilting magazines over a cup of coffee. Seems like a fitting compromise.
Happy Friday.

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9 thoughts on “Fiber Friday

  1. Visiting the Sisters Quilt show was fun but was ages ago. Love what you’re doing with your latest quilt!

  2. Love your string quilt…I’ve never made one of those; may try at some point. I’m having a similar problem trying to cast on a second sock – oh well, maybe mix match is what I’ll end up doing…

    Enjoy the weekend .


  3. I love string quilts! I’m making one as my leaders/enders project and already have nearly 80(?) blocks done. It’s amazing how quickly they come together.

    Thanks to your posts, I bought a subscription to the Shawl Society! I’ve started the Curling Mist shawl and am unsure about my yarn choice (I’m using laceweight held double because I want to use this hank of yarn and am not sure what else to use it for!!). So I’m going to keep working on it and see if I like it.

    I hope you socks work out!

  4. oh my. I’m glad I didn’t read this post before I decided to press “close” on my latest quilt shop cart … and I’m not even going to google string quilts. instead, I’m enjoying a moment of gratitude for your cool mornings. hope they continue!

  5. love the block design and the colors you chose. We have okay weather so far and are enjoying our new back yard patio with an awning! We have lunch outside frequently.

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