Three lovely things

Summer of shawl knitting – I am closing in on the end of shawl number two and the third pattern just released this morning. This one will introduce some new-to-me knitting skills.

Book Bingo – No bingos yet but I am enjoying the reading very much. I am still looking for a title to fill the book with more than one author square. I am sure I could find a non-fiction book but would love to hear fiction ideas. Maybe essays?

Eating well – I am loving my CSA boxes and finding new recipes to fill out the weekly meal plan. Best part of the CSA box is letting go of trying to grow more veggies. I love the idea but with those burrowing critters, it doesn’t seem worth the effort. And I am supporting my local farmers. Win, win.

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13 thoughts on “Three lovely things

  1. We did a CSA for many years and it was definitely better than growing our own stuff. Now, though, I mostly just buy what we need, when we need it. And we do have one raised bed with tomatoes and squash. Love your shawl!

  2. I have been meaning to do a CSA for a while, and it’s been a while since I looked into it, so I’m sure there are more options now. I always held off because I had a fear of getting a huge box of veggies no one would eat, but I think we’ve branched out in our veggie choices lately.

    I wish I could recommend a specific book by more than one author that’s not nonfiction, but nothing is coming to mind. I did find this list:

  3. Enjoy the veggies and the shawl – and sorry, I’ve no additions for a two+ author read; will be interested in what you eventually find.Your shawl is lovely!

    PS. My yarn arrived!

  4. I love that shawl – those colors!

    The first book with multiple authors that comes to mind is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – such a lovely read. (it would probably be a reread for you?)

    Have you already found a debut novel for your bingo card? I just finished Our Endless Numbered Day and it was Claire Fuller’s amazing debut!

    1. The Personal Librarian by Heather Terrell and Victoria Christopher Murray You can read an article about their collaboration in The Washington Post. I am currently reading this and thoroughly enjoying it. I enjoy your blog which I found courtesy of Honore.

  5. It wouldn’t be fiction…but maybe something epistolary? This would be a different kind of a Book Bingo book–and maybe it would feel sort of like cheating?–but I enjoyed
    A Year Between Friends:
    3191 MILES APART
    Crafts, Recipes, Letters, and Stories
    by Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes

  6. I love that shawl. My suggestion of books authored by more than one author are mysteries by Charles Todd. Charles Todd is a mother/son collaboration. They write two series set in England. The Ian Rutledge series begins just after World War One with many references and tie-ins to his service in the war. Bess Crawford, a nurse in World War One, is the protagonist in the other series. Some find them a little too traditional but I like them as an escape.

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