Fiber Friday

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on a yarn called Our Solar System. Our ever growing little person loves all things solar system so I thought it would make a great yarn for a new hat. If you visit the site, you will see how the stripes are based on the distance between the planets. Very cool.

It was a good week to get such a lovely skein of yarn because it offset a bit of unraveling I had to do on a shawl this morning. I guess I should always have more lights on when I knit textured sections because this morning, I found a glaring mistake about four rows back (300+ stitch rows). It was not possible to fix it and I knew I would end up being very disappointed if I kept going forward. So, I took a deep breath and pulled out those four rows. Fortunately the yarn is sticky enough to hold its shape so I was able to pick up the stitches and very happy to find that it matched the stitch count on the pattern. Crisis averted.

And now it is Friday afternoon. A berry crumble is cooling in the kitchen and it is time for some more knitting and reading and easing into the weekend.

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11 thoughts on “Fiber Friday

  1. I’ve been tempted by that yarn! I can’t wait to see how the hat you make turns out. Bravo to you for ripping out those long rows. I would have done the same, but complained a lot! It is Friday evening here – about 8:10 and I FINALLY feel as though I am easing into the weekend…and am grateful for that. It has been a long work day. Have a good one!

  2. Hope you were using a life line! That’s a lot of stitches to rip out, that’s for sure. So glad it was successful! That is fun yarn; what weight is it?

  3. That does sound like a fun yarn. Sadly, I don’t wear shawls. But wonder about using it to make a top down sweater with a solid color to complete the body and sleeves. Hmm something for my 2025 plan. LOL

  4. I got that yarn, too, and I’m going to make a hat. I think it will be my travel knitting for Iceland!

  5. So glad your were able to pick up those stitches after you ripped back. Your shawl is gorgeous and I love seeing its progress!

    A berry crumble sounds amazing. We picked blueberries on Friday and I thought I was going to need to bake something, but the kids are making good headway on them without any help!

  6. That is such cool yarn, Juliann. I love Gauge Dye Works yarn. They have such interesting skeins! And sorry about your shawl . . . but you’ll never regret that (heartbreaking) ripping back. XO

  7. oh that yarn is so very cool! I’m thinking Charlie might even wear a hat if it showed the planets like that!

  8. Well rats to ripping out long shawl rows but I would have done the same thing. Honestly, once I make the decision and get the project back on the needles I am happier. The Gauge DyeWorks yarn looks perfect for a little one interested in the solar system.

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