Remember all that sock knitting? Well, I took a break and guess what? I lost the rhythm. For two weeks I kept casting on and unraveling. Was it the yarn? The pattern? Nope. I had to do some relearning, to reboot that muscle memory. I was motivated by this beautiful yarn from Farmer’s Daughter’s Fibers. So, after four false starts, my hands found their way back. The first sock took eight days to complete. I am pretty sure sock number two will be done in slightly less time. And I am already thinking about the next pair and making myself a promise – always have a pair of socks on the needles so I don’t lose that rhythm.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

12 thoughts on “Practicing

  1. Remember that in the grand scheme of things, you’re still a baby sock knitter! The muscle memory is there, but it’s still relatively new. I know you’re determined to keep up with the sock knitting; one day you’ll get to the point where you can sit down and knit a sock for yourself without a pattern.

  2. I think socks are the perfect project to have OTNA (on the needles Always) … and I just love how you used the contrast color for those charlie brown stripes!

  3. Love your yarn and especially the strip. Encouraging and Encouraged. Now, if I can only get past the cast on row I’ll be on a roll … I guess!

  4. I am a more contented knitter when I can find or get into the rhythm of a project. I just looked at that yarn company – what gorgeous yarn. I am adding it to my bookmarks. So MUCH yarn and not enough time.

  5. Love that sock – so pretty and fun. The red stripe is perfect. Did you use a pattern? Or make it up as you went along. Socks are so portable – good to have some on the needles ALL THE TIME!!!

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