Old school – a taste of memory

Cut the lemons.
Boil the water.
Add sugar and lemon slices to the pan ( a few slices of ginger are good too).
Cook over low heat.
Enjoy the fresh scent of lemons as the liquid becomes a sweet syrup.
Pour a bit of syrup over ice.
Add water.
This is what lemonade used to taste like.


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come together

When she suggested the glass exhibit, I paused for a short moment. She didn’t seem to notice.
“If that is what you want to do, let’s go.”
We hadn’t been in the same room for more than 5 years but it felt like 5 minutes. We talked and laughed and consoled and encouraged. We made our way through the exhibit and I found myself drawn to the colors, so bright against the dark displays.
But the indoor displays paled in comparison to the garden exhibit. The large, orange flowers pulled me forward, enchanted by their size and simplicity.
I stood beneath and caught sight of the Space Needle towering above and it was perfect.

writing with prompts – the June edition

Know joy


We used to talk and talk and talk.
There was so much laughter.
Over a cup of coffee words would tumble out and time would pass too quickly.
She was my biggest supporter.
The words are fewer now.
Long moments of silence.
Questions asked again and again as she tries to hold on, to make sense.
I must learn to know joy in this new space.
As I leave I hear her say, “She really knows what she is doing.”
And I take joy in this love she can’t quite recall.

Rejoining- writing with prompts