What not to wear?

Do you remember that show? I was always a bit uncomfortable watching the hosts tear apart the guest’s wardrobe but I knew it was probably set up in a lot of ways that added to the drama.

We have had one of those weeks. The kind where the weather goes from 48 degrees, rain and cold, to 80+ and stifling. I would prefer a bit more time for easing into the temperature changes. One day I was wearing sweaters and wool socks and the next day I was looking for tank tops and fans.
And, because we have been at home for such a long time, I realized that I don’t have a lot of options for this kind of weather swing. Thankfully, I have some fabric and a new book and some ideas about a warm weather uniform. Now, if I could just remember where I put that box of short sleeve tops when I simplified my closet.

I hear the rain and cooler weather will be returning soon. Maybe what I need is a roller coaster wardrobe!
Happy Friday.

two books and a bag

I started this book, then returned it to the library, then checked it out again because there was something there, in those first chapters, that was calling me back. It was a good choice because I loved this book so much. I am hesitant to say that about books, I mean, what if I loved it but you think, not so much. But this one (and the next) captured my heart and my head. What did I love about it? The characters were complicated (some will think a few of them unlikeable) and yet I wanted them to work it out. This book jumps around in time and it absolutely works for this story. I think Maggie O’Farrell is moving to the top of my favorite authors list.

I put this one on hold before it was published in the states because it is on the Women’s Prize shortlist and those Sunday knitting readers are a strong influence. The ebook came up just as I was falling in love with This Must Be The Place so I almost put in a delay on delivery but I decided to read a few chapters and see if I wanted to continue. The answer was yes. For a few days I read Maggie in the morning and Claire in the evening. Then I gave TMBTP my full attention before returning to the story of Jeanie and Julius, 51-year-old twins who have just lost their mother and their world is in a spin. What did I love about this book? Again, complicated characters that climbed into my heart and asked me to really listen to their story.

And then there is the bag. I have talked about this at some point. I bought the fabric (waxed canvas) a few years ago. I knew it would be a small tote/purse. I had the lining, the zippers, the straps, and the hardware. But it all felt so precious. I had enough for two bags and my daughter made her version last summer on a day when I sat in a chair and watched. Last week, she returned the favor. She sat in that same chair with her knitting and cheered me on. I almost used a different strap but the yellow on the orange is so cheerful. I have been using this bag all week and it is perfect. This is the Pepin tote although I changed the dimensions of mine.

Three things, Thursday, linking up with Carole.

Goodbye May

Here we are, saying goodbye to the fifth month of this year. I have wanted to practice reflecting more so today I am using two prompts from Emily P. Freeman‘s newsletter and one of my own.

1. What was your favorite photo from May?

This is a hard one because there are some wonderful photos from this month but watching this little person go from crawling to walking as been a joy.

2. Name an intentional practice in May.
I decided to use a small notebook for daily reflection in May. One page for each day with the added challenge of using washi tape on every page. The notebook is 3×5 so not a lot of space which made it achievable. Writing that final page this morning was so gratifying. It has been a long time since I have capture daily moments on a, well, daily basis.

3. What’s something you look forward to in June?
Last June I was getting ready to retire – a very odd thing in the middle of a pandemic and lockdown. This June, I am looking forward to figuring out what retirement life will look like as we begin reentry. I know there will be lot of reading, a bit of knitting, a bit of sewing, being outside, walking, gardening, spending time with family and friends. I was also inspired to sign up for an online class (thanks again Honoré) which will be a wonderful way to keep that daily writing practice continue.

Goodbye May. You were a very good month.


Summer Book Bingo is just one sleep away! I don’t recall being this excited by my bingo card in a few years.
I wrote all the categories on index cards and starting making a list. I used my bookshelf, my Kindle library, and my public library hold/for later shelves to put at least one title on most cards. There are a few blank spaces but I know my fellow readers will have suggestions for me. And that pink square in the middle will be my free square.
There has been a lot of discussion lately about how to plan, whether or not to plan, and the pros and cons of playing along. I love all of the book talk generated by Summer Book Bingo. Many thanks to Mary for putting this together and sharing it with us. And thanks in advance to all of you who will read and share titles and provide cheerleading.
Today will be a time to catch up on house work and errands.
Tomorrow you can find me with my nose in a book.