Three ups and a down

One – the quilt top in the picture above is finished! It was a bit of a beast, mostly because it was a foundation pieced project which is a new to me technique and it took me awhile to get the hang of it. But I finished on Wednesday afternoon and have only three small pieces of the background fabric left.

Two – I got to have coffee with three of my local quilting friends. The weather was lovely so we were able to sit outside. After two hours, we needed to stop because our throats were getting sore from so much talking.

Three – I am reading two books that have really captured my heart. Both are fiction. I read one in the morning and the other in the evening and I am trying not to rush – they are that good. (Trying not to rush because they are good, not because I want to save them for bingo squares but . . .)

On the downside, I just cannot seem to write a May One Word post. I have started and stopped many times this week but nothing was clicking. I loved Carolyn’s packet and have been thinking about rituals that feed and rituals that drain. For now, I am going to set that post aside. Maybe once I let go of the “deadline”, the ideas will begin to flow. Hello to grace, goodbye to pressure.

Ten times

Yesterday, a very wise young man shared some advice he had received. “You can’t just give up. You have to try something at least ten times because the firs time or the second time, you might not be able to do it. But if you keep trying – you can!” (We were practicing skipping which is not easy to do when you are headed downhill.)

Taking this wisdom to heart, I started a new shawl. I recently said I wasn’t going to knit anymore shawls but I have this yarn and I have tried at least 7 times to make it work. I am pretty sure there is just the right amount for this new pattern. I got about 10 rows in before I found the first goof. Unknit, cast on, start again. Of course another mistake was discovered, one I just could not figure out how to fix so . . . unknit, cast on, start again. By last night, I have reached the 5% mark on the pattern and I do love the way the two yarns are playing.

Happy Friday. Maybe the wisdom of Ten Times will be useful in your life too.

Wednesday Walks

After the lovely sunshine last week, we have returned to cooler and a bit wet. That should be expected for May. You can’t be the Evergreen State unless there is enough moisture to keep those greens alive. The colors on the trail have been wonderful this last week. I am trying to pay attention to these bits of color as I walk, walk, walk.

Eighteen days into the Land’s End to John O’Groats walking challenge and I have covered 6% of the distance. I think I mentioned that this was going to take some time! The days are getting longer. Sunrise is 5:25 am and sunset is 8:45 pm. I am planning to add an after dinner walk to my routine. And as the days get warmer, it will be nice to walk in the cooler evenings.

I have enjoyed seeing a lot of posts about the view on your walks. Thanks for the inspiration.


hammock season!

We have had some beautiful weather and I have been enjoying reading (and napping) in the hammock. It is a great place to slow down and watch the clouds, and think about the upcoming week.

I was inspired by Katie’s meal planning post. Here are a few new recipes I added to our menu this weekend.
This one is definitely going into the rotation. It took a few tries to get the chick pea pancakes right but they were really good.
I am not sure why I was thinking about Lemon Rice but I have printed this recipe to use again. We had it warm but it will also make a lovely cold salad too.
And this one will also become a staple. I used it on falafels for dinner and a cabbage salad for lunch.
Next step, get back to writing out the weekly meal planner. But, that is for another post.

Happy Monday!